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Autism is a developmental disorder which has been associated with disability in development. It is mostly noted when children are developing especially when they are developing speech and associating with other children (Cook, 361). The symptom of autism are noted at a tender age of three years when a child develops difficulties in expressing them selves and the problem continues up to adulthood.

Health care providers have been following up causes and symptoms of those who live with autism. However different people in the society who are suffering from autism exhibit different symptoms. While the health care providers believe that autism has group of disorders which shares some similarities.

People living with autism

In our society its difficult to notice those people who live with autism because they do not have symptoms which are easily noticeable unless someone work closely with them Most of the symptoms which are shared by most of them. The most noticeable symptom is in communication, these people experience difficulties when they are communicating, either being written, spoken or even sign language eye contact. Secondly, in their social life they are withdrawn and do not mingle with people easily. They have a tendency of sharing emotions and have difficulties when socializing with other people. Thirdly, is the repetitive behavior such as repeating actins or words and they are resistant to change as they prefer following schedules or routines which are being done in a repetitive manner.



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The health care providers have devised the appropriate mode of cure or treatment of those who are suffering from autism. However, over the years it has proved to be difficult to eliminate the symptoms of autism but they could be managed or reduced if those affected would follow the rehabilitation process and start it while they were young. The three main methods which are being used in the society to treat or rehabilitate them is through; behavior therapy, medication options and school based or educational options.

Behavior therapy

The society has used behavioral therapy for long and it was the one which is being used widely by most people. The Therapy involves management of behavior which is used to reinforce behaviors which are desired and reduce those which are referred to as unwanted. The therapy is done by practicing of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Apart from the behaviour therapy is also done for speech and language development. This is used to assist them improve on their communication and adopt the best way which they can be able to interact with others (Rudy par 4). Thirdly its occupational therapy which is used to assist them to accept changes and adjust to match their abilities and needs as its being done by other people in the society. Lastly its physical therapy which is designed for exercises and activities which are used to build motor control which assist on improvement of balancing and posture of the victims.

School based/ Educational Therapy

The society has assimilated the culture of embracing school based or educational options as means of addressing the problem at a lower age which have proved to be very effective. Therefore both private and public institutions are providing free educations from the tender age of three years and 21 years to the children who are noted are suffering from autism. Such training at tender age enables modeling of their behavior, speech development and being dynamic which in turn enable in reduction of adults who are suffering from autism as it has been the case for many years.

Training in the society is done by all stakeholders to ensure that it is effective. Therefore, it involves care givers of the children, parents, teachers and school psychologist in an attempt to identify children suffering with autism and formulate measures which should be implemented. After such successful identification of the children's with autism the school child development specialists prepares individualized education plan which ensures that each child unique needs are met add addressed according (Cook, 357). Such that once they are out of school they will be as normal as any of the children who are not suffering from autism and live a normal life there after.

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Medication Options

On extreme cases medical options are used to treat those who are severely affected by autism such that they can not be rehabilitated using therapy of education options. However, at the moment there is no medication which has been proved in the society that it would be able to cure the entire spectrum disorders experience by people living with autism. Hence, this has posed a challenge to health caregivers as they are forced to practice several modes of medication on individual cases based on the disorders which they have been experiencing. However, use of medication has proved to be effective on some of the symptoms which are associated with autism. Use of anti-anxiety drugs is among the medication which is used to treat disorders of people living with autism.

Bartleby the Scrivener

Bartleby, the scrivener is a story which is narrated by Melville about a prominent aged Lawyer who used to practice Law and had a Law office at Wall Street. The narrator expresses the experience of the aged lawyer dealing with his employees whom some of them were suffering from autism. This is a good example of what is happening in ours society. The lawyer had talked of most of his employees but for the purpose of this assignment I shall mainly explain the behavior of two of the employees which amazed the lawyer. These employees are Turkey and Bartleby; (Melville, 32)

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The lawyer had noted that Turkey was one of the employees who are hard working and very resourceful to the organization. However, he was only effective during morning hours in the afternoon he seems to be moody, restless and not keen on what he is working on hence not being productive in the afternoons. The Lawyer had noted that and resolved to relive him duties in the afternoon by they did not agree. He also noted that Turkey has problems to relate with other employees in the afternoon. Therefore, he was working in the afternoon but the lawyer would only give him duties which do not require a lot of attention (Wells, 37).

While, Bartleby was recruited when the lawyer realized that he needs an additional person to assist on increasing work in the organization. Bartleby was very keen on his work and very productive he used not to urge or resist doing his duties. But one day he was asked to examine a document which was supposed to be worked on. His response though calm amazed the lawyer as he was not expecting him to resist working on his response was "I would prefer not to' Such defiance by Bartleby to comply with the orders being given by the employer proves on how it's difficult to deal with people who are living with autism in the society.


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