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Deinstitutionalization is defined as the process of removing patients who are mentally ill from large hospital institutions and take them to the local community. The process of  deinstitutionalization  was designed with the aim that individuals experiencing mental illness were most likely to have a normal life when put with other normal people in the community, than they could if they were locked up in a separate institution. Deinstitutionalization process was designed in order to reduce issues brought about by the insufficient in hospitals, to promote the positive behaviors of the local community's lifestyles like socializing, and also to eliminate the expenses made on treatment of the affected patient. Therefore, the whole process of deinstitutionalization was planned with the idea that the discharged patients will receive adequate support from the local community. The support was to be in terms of medication services, creation of outreach training programs, and other important services concerning mental problems.

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How deinstitutionalization affected the local community

Deinstitutionalization has had very positive effects for many people with intellectual disabilities in Victoria, and Australia. People's rights have been protected and supported by laws as a result of the movement of people into community living. There was hope that people with intellectual disabilities would be in position to have a free and ordinary lives in the community and hence be provided for the support when they needed it. However, being transferred into community has sometimes meant that individuals lead lives which are not free. This is because this people are feared by the community as they are most likely to cause bruises to other people. Therefore, as a result, strict facilities are made for these people who are mentally disturbed (Rowe, 2008).

How the community is dealing with related problems such as homelessness, crime, and the spread of communicable diseases

In an effort to maintain the pace with the ever changing society, it is advisable that human services systems follow the trend for it to grow. They are required to establish new channels of funding like developing private groups, getting grants from the government, and building foundations. Therefore, to deal with related problems such as spread of communicable diseases, homelessness, and crime, the communities and agencies are working hard in order to attract many volunteers to provide help in different activities and programs. There is also the use of the new technologies in the provision of improved and quality mental care services in a very cost effective way (Burger, 2007).


Overwhelmingly, deinstitutionalization has brought about positive improvements in the lives of many people, though there are those for whom the changes have been little more than a change of address.


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