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The best way to respond to this scenario is to form a crisis management team to look into the situation, and give a recommendation on the best possible solution. Since the individuals concerned in this scenario want the issue to be addressed within one working day (Friday), the best time to respond to their concerns would be the same day. Therefore, I would convene a meeting with their spokesperson immediately. Before commencement of the meeting, I would write an urgent memo to all heads of departments within the health care facility, together with the facility’s administrator, informing them about the concerns of the front desk staff. I would ensure that, I inform them about the need to address the matter as soon as possible, and then request them to convene a meeting in my office immediately.

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During the meeting, I would start by giving a brief explanation of the morning events by the front desk staff. Then, I would ask the front desk staff’s spokesperson, to give a deeper explanation of the concerns of his/her colleagues. I would also ask him/her to explain how they got the information about the salary of front desk staff at other practices, and why they decided to take the action, which they had taken earlier in the morning. Afterwards, I would ask the present members to verify the truth of the assertions made by the front desk staff. If it is found that, the pay for our front desk staff differs greatly with the pay of front desk staff in other practices, and then I would ask the facility administrator to form a committee, which would look into the possibilities of revising the front desk staff’s salary upwards.

After the meeting, I would request the front desk staff’s spokesperson to inform his/her colleagues about the decision reached by the facility’s management team. However, I would write an internal memo to all the front desk staff, and explain to them in detail, the decision of the management team during the meeting. Moreover, I would request them to be patient as they await the decision of the salary review committee, instead of taking dire actions the following Monday, as they had earlier indicated.

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