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Marc, a prudent individual with outstanding academic certificates from one of the excellent recognized learning institutions in the entire United States, is highly troubled by his own sibling, his elder brother to be succinct.  He has indeed proven to be the bane of his existence ever since he was born. His elder brother Kingston can be described as somebody who never cared about a neighbor’s downfall as long as success was on his side. He had wanted to be a rich man, richest in the world if it would be possible, but what he lacked was a wise, straightforward and legal strategy to attain his lifetime dream. The following narrative vividly illustrates events and experiences undergone by the two siblings after the death of their beloved parents.

The two boys had been brought up together with tender love from their parents. Their mother passed on when they were still at younger ages of nine and six. This had left them with much pain and agony since their mother was the only person whom they could discuss with anything secretive. Life later became a hard nut to crack as their dad was aging and his health was deteriorating day by day. It took a decade, and the old man fell seriously sick. He became bedridden in hospital. He was suffering from a terrible life threatening disease, prostrate cancer, a disease that had made the old man look like a child whenever pain was taking its role in the affected body part. 

When the condition worsened, the white-haired old man knew he had nothing to do but to say some few words to his children whom he knew would be total orphans. He summoned them to the ward, sat them down and told them how he wished he had more days to live; he would have taken control over anything that would interfere with their peaceful nature of his family. How could he do that yet he was desperate for life? Even his voice could not be heard well. He had to do the last minute touches and indeed he did it as a parent. He told them how he wanted them to share the property that he would leave behind in a peaceful way. He had one blanket, a coconut tree and a milk producing cow. As a parent who knew his children as people who loved and embraced one another whenever they met, he never saw any point of giving them physically or rather writing a will that will guide them during the sharing process. He told them to  share whatever he would leave equally.

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The old man kicked the bucket, and two months later the two boys ventured into the sharing process. Kingston, as the eldest son, took the responsibility and presided over the sharing process, yet he was one of the parties. They began with cow. Kingston took a measuring tape and measured the length of the cow from head to tail. The measurement was recorded and divided by two. Kingston preferred the tail part and left the head part to his brother. Marc never hesitated to have the head part of the cow. He knew that was a fair share. He had even learnt a lot of math and could not allow his brother to lie to him when it came to dealing with arithmetic issues. He was a smart boy, having done very well in his course work at the high school level.

They continued with the blanket. It was a hard task deciding on the best method they would use to share the one blanket. However, after thinking for a long time, Kingston, who looked more attentive and of course a smart thinker, so to speak, devised a method in which the property could be shared without any eruption of quarrels. He preferred the time factor to come into play in sharing the blanket. A day has twenty four hours; each would, therefore, claim a twelve hour ownership of the blanket in a day. That was indeed a bright idea though they had not decided on the time when each would be in charge of the blanket. Kingston as usual would have the first say then Marc would take the remaining portion. After all, twelve hours for each were indeed enough and fair to both. They had at least followed their father’s advice. They agreed that Kingston would own the blanket from six in the evening to six in the morning. For the remaining part of the day, Marc would be in charge of the blanket.  That was an agreement between brothers. It was a wonderful one according to them especially to Marc. He had been wondering how his brother had become a good person since they started the sharing process. Maybe he had turned a new leaf since he had never been such good since their childhood.

The remaining and the last property was the tall coconut tree. They used the same method as that of the cow. The height of the tree was determined and the result divided by two. One person was to own the upper part while the other was to own the lower part. Without wasting any time, Kingston took the upper part of the coconut tree. Feeling satisfied with the sharing, they took wine together as a means of keeping the peace. The celebration, which had been organized by Kingston, was also meant to seal the promise between the two that they would take care of their shares without any quarrels.

It had taken one week before the real drummer began. Marc realized he had gained absolutely nothing from what their father left for them. The milk from the cow belonged to Kingston. As the owner of the head part, he ensured that the cow was grazed thoroughly. This of course produced a lot of yield in form of milk. He wed the coconut tree but never had a taste of its fruits. The blanket was his the whole day when everyone was awake, but at night, his brother claimed what he called his right.

It reached a time when Marc could not possibly take it any more. He had to do something otherwise he would gain nothing from his father’s left properties. He took the blanket and soaked it in water until the evening. He cut the tree right at the bottom part which belonged to him until he ensured the whole coconut tree fell. Lastly, he took a sharp panga and cut the cow right at the neck making sure that he didn’t interfere with the part towards the tail lest they spoil the agreement they had sealed with his brother. This retaliatory act fueled an argument between the two causing fight and hence the separation between them.


This story taught me a lot on learning to follow instructions given. The two boys never followed their father’s simple instructions to share the properties equally in a peaceful way. It also taught me not to be selfish Kingston.


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