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The work during this semester has been not only interesting but also quite educative. I began the semester by researching and writing about an aspect of literacy. The main objective of my essay was the role of media in teaching children of pre-school level of education. While working on this research for the essay, I have learnt and at the same time internalized that in the present days, it is very difficult to imagine life without media, since it surrounds us everywhere. I have noted that children have their very initial conduct with print media at the pre-school phase even when they have not learnt yet how to read or write. At homes, children often come in contact with various forms of audio media as well as radios. I have understood that a teacher has to develop a media-didactic competency since this is among the components of educator’s media literacy. It became evident to me that in fostering media literacy, the empiric part comprises of two aspects: the parent’s/ educator’s media technical competence and the educator’s media-didactic competence. By the time I was concluding the research, it became clearer to me that the media plays a significant role in the daily lives of pre-school children. Media actually plays a vital role in teaching these children and that is why teachers ought to be aware of this significance.

The second assignment during this semester was a critique of speech. While working on this task, I got to comprehend that speech effectiveness is very essential in any public representation. Any public speaker, as I learnt, has to ensure that he or she incorporates the three pillars of public speaking. These three pillars of speech are ethos, pathos and logos. In layman’s language, this critique sharpened my understanding that credibility or character (ethos), emotional connection to the audience (pathos) and logical argument (logos) have to be incorporated in any public speaking, failure to which may lead to poor reception of message by the listeners, the audience. Any person making a speech ought to be convincing and persuade the audience by appealing their emotions and at the same time make the persuasion be rooted by the presenter’s use of reasoning.

After reading Kenzaburo Oe’s book, A Personal Matter, and after formulating a position based on it in my third paper, it became very vivid to me that in such an assignment, one has to be keen on each and every paragraph of the book to be able to note the occurrence of events as well as their respective transitions. As for me, Oe’s subject is a very complex and difficult despite the fact that it is a universal one. A Personal Matter talks about the frustrations that befall an individual, whose marriage is failing and whose utopia dream seems to be lost following his wife’s delivery of a child with a damaged brain. The book helps ponder the reactions as well as face and outlive such difficult life realities.

The very final paper of the semester was creating of a well and formally documented research paper. In this assignment, we were under obligation to refer to Samuel Cohen’s portable anthology to help us perform the next steps in doing a research paper. For doing this assignment, skills in searching for relevant information, rightly interpreting it and representing it in the correct manner were a necessity. Cohen and his works were of a great importance as well. Quality education cannot be without learning a new thing every other moment. It is actually an on-going process, an unfinished masterpiece and a working progress. Provided that new things to learn still remain existent, hardly will I be completely educated. As it is an obvious fact that knowledge is insatiable and education is the source of this knowledge.


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