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People are usually known to have ways of life that differ from one individual to another. Some people are known to act in certain ways which they have acquired naturally and, therefore, it is hard for them to change. Others usually have some self induced ways of life which they have acquired through their continued interactions with the society (Lewis). For instance, Erick’s character is seen to be quite funny and his relation with other people is highly questionable even though his mother seems to be much approving.

Erick’s actions suggest that he is way conservative in nature. Unlike many young people, he seems to be used to a life whereby he only recognizes his mother as his closest friend. In the restaurant, Erick’s behavior is quite funny. He eats his food from a squatting position while purporting how his mother was beautiful. Basing on the way he conducts himself from the restaurant where he goes for a meal with his mother, it is quite evident that Erick is born of a single parent. It is clear that he is not sure who his father is although he appears to believe that the engineer is his father. His assertion is based simply on the fact that the engineer owns horses and a swimming pool which Erick likes but is not based on reality.

The moment they go for a baseball match, he behaves in a strange way that clearly manifests that he has no idea about the game. To add on, he rarely speaks to all his mother’s friends and the mother is never happy about it (Hayes and Thomas). Despite his mother loving him so much, it is clear that the two are not quite sincere with each other. The reason for that could be the mother’s regarding him as a small child who should not know much about her private life. In the first instance, Erick is made to believe that Roque is his uncle simply because the man is so friendly to his mother, while the engineer could be his new dad any moment.

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Moreover, Eric is religious and has Albert as his friend simply because he appears to be devoted to church activities and, above all, takes the Holy Communion. Erick believes that God is great and is usually the reason for his joy and happiness and through Him he will be able to achieve whatever he wishes. Although Erick did not take the Holy Communion himself, he really wished he could take it based on his admiration for Albert. In addition, Erick appears to be apologetic and straightforward in nature. Whenever he is in his bed, he prays hard for his mother who does not go to church. This shows that he does not really have to be motivated by his mother to attend church services but simply goes because he knows it is his responsibility to do so. On the other hand, he knows that the way he conducts himself whenever his mother’s friends are around is not good. This is the reason he apologizes to God for never talking to anyone other than Albert.

Much of Erick’s actions, whenever his mother’s friends are around, suggest that they are somewhat not well off. For instance, Erick sits comfortably in front of the TV and enjoys watching it while he does not mind talking to any of his mother’s male friends. It is rather clear the TV had been offered to his mother by one of her friends since she could not afford one. His mother only had casual jobs before but was currently jobless and relied on her friends. Erick liked the outings Roque offered at times like driving them to the beach and to the stadium to watch baseball. Therefore, his actions show that they did not have a car and, thus, he really enjoyed when his mother’s friends drove them around at times.

It appears that Erick is his mother’s only child since she seems to tolerate him even when he is so unfriendly to her friends simply to avoid annoying him. The two seem to accompany each other everywhere and Erick does not mention any brother or sister to his closest friend Albert who they tend to share stories often. The mother does not want admit that it is the nature of her son to keep quiet whenever her friends come visiting. She rather claims that his silence is usually because of his English. His habits are quite annoying to his mother whose actions demonstrate her patience over him. Although Erick does not seem to change his unfriendly behavior, his mother remains accommodative with the hope that he will one day mature and open up. Therefore, it is clear that his mother does not want to create a bad image of Erick and only shows the positive about him.

Erick’s actions clearly manifest that an individual’s character can tell much about his personality. People’s characters may be induced by the environment they live in and the manner in which they relate with others and, therefore, actions can adequately explain much about an individual. His unfriendly manner shows that he doesn’t have closer people like brothers or sisters. He only seems to love his mother who has plenty of male friends suggesting that she is not legitimately married. His mother does not seem to have any professional job and her situation could well explain Erick’s immature condition.


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