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It is important to remember that the government is elected by the people and for the best interest of the people. To many, however, the government is a necessary evil. Therefore, it is only reasonable to rationally approach the notion of government. In this brief paper, we will examine five reasons to trust the government and five reasons not to trust the government.

In my opinion, there are several reasons to trust the government. First, we should trust the government because we are responsible for electing them. If we can't trust them, we should not have voted for them in the first place. Second, the government is responsible for maintaining the peace. This includes police officers, fire fighters, and the military. Although there is bureaucracy and red tape, the bottom line is that the government protects the vast majority of people. Third, the government has a history of supporting individuals and businesses in their endeavors. This includes setting up infrastructure to support commerce or maintaining safe water and food (US FDA, n.d.). Fourth, the government provides security from outside threats. Without a strong government and strong armed forces, there would be little to stop other groups from stealing our resources. Fifth, the government acts as a unifying body. It provides an avenue for people across the country to be represented; it is a system where everybody gets a fair voice. Without it, it would not be possible to maintain a rational society.

On the other hand, in my opinion, there are also several reasons not to trust the government. First, the government has a strong history of getting things wrong; for instance, consider the mishap with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. When the government screws up, it usually does so in a big way (Richman, 2004). Second, the government is secretive (Richman, 2004). The people elect officials but it exists in a bubble that people do not understand and the people are not privy to everything it does. Third, the government is inefficient. The red tape, bureaucracy, and regulations are overwhelming. It is well known that private organizations are much more effective. Fourth, the government legislative system is easily influenced (Thompson, 2010). Consider, for instance, smoking. Research showed that smoking was bad for one's health but it took decades to pass strict legislation. Fifth, taxes are a necessary evil. When it comes to money, government has a good history of wasting it. Regardless of one's political standing, most average people will agree that taxes are a good reason to not like the government.


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