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In my opinion, Cohen's Theory of Delinquent Subcultures argues that some groups within our society are more likely to break legal regulations and ethical laws than other groups (Jrank, n.d.). Also in my opinion, I define status frustration as individuals or groups that are frustrated by their current position in society and inability to move out of or away from that position (Abbott, 2010). I think status frustration definitely plays a role in Cohen's Theory of Delinquent Subcultures. It seems very reasonable for those who are socially oppressed to lash out and commit crimes.

In today's society, I think that Cohen's theory has some validity but I also think that the argument is less valid than it once was. Modern society is more integrated. For instance, consider technology such as the Internet that connects individuals and groups around the world. The lines that previously separated one group from another are no longer clearly delineated. Therefore, Cohen's theory cannot be as accurate because the definition of a group and relationship between groups has changed.

As an example, please consider those who categorize themselves as "Goth." Arguably everything they do is black. By going beyond the stereotype, I have learned that those who are Goth are just regular people struggling with how to define themselves. They might be more easily influenced than others, but being Goth does not mean they will break the law or act unethically.

Lastly, I would like to make the point that society's perceptions of tolerance have also changed. The behavior Cohen may have considered poor, such as dressing in all black, is no longer the case today.


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