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School violence is a troubling matter that has grown considerably in recent years. I often hear of bullying on the local and national news. In one specific instance, a young girl committed suicide after being bullied non-stop on the Internet by her classmates (Kotz, 2010). When I was in the second grade, I was bullied everyday by the cool kids in my class. They harassed for any number of different reasons such as my hair, what I was wearing, the way I ran, etc. On multiple occasions, I simply went home and cried. My mom would hear me and call the principle of the school or my teacher. They always promised to take action but the bullying never stopped. My school had a three strikes policy, but verbal bullying was never enough to get written up.

In my opinion, the school could have handled the situation much better. First, they should have taken action immediately by warning the students that they would be written up. The notification should have been delivered verbally and in writing to both the students and to the students' parents. Second, if the bullying occurred again, the student should be written up. This information should again be handed to the student and to the student's parents. Third, the offending student should be enrolled in some type of behavioral management. I sincerely believe that bullying could be an indication of a deeper issue. The same offer of access to a counselor should be made for the victim of bullying.

Overall, it is not fair for any child to be bullied. Children might play and call each other names, but there is a clear distinction between playing and verbal harming somebody else. Schools have a history of standing on the sidelines when it comes to bullying. I think a good argument of supervised neglect could be made about this. Schools must take action, implement protocols, and prevent future negative outcomes.


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