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The Heart of Darkness is a story that blatantly presents racism that I feel this issue should be dealt with before any thing else. Conrad also uses very offensive and obsolete terminologies and more so he seems to value the people of color as niggers, savages and cannibals. Such kind of language disturbs my mind. In fact, what I find very perturbing is his description of black people. For instance, he mentions "a black arm" in his description (Conrad 175). It is obvious that a black man would definitely have a black arm and therefore his decision to insist on mentioning the color of the arm is like an insult. I do not like the author a single bit because he does not respect the fact our differences in terms of color should make as stronger rather than divide as. Which the kind of terms he uses, he is unequivocally a racist.

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Melville's novel is a strong example of creativity and conformity. For instance, the writer takes his own form of writing when he introduces himself to the audience right at the beginning of the book. He says "Call me Ishmael." (Melville 14). This is an unprecedented literary style that has never been exuded by any other author. He also comes up with a very interesting fiction story about the sea by using the whale as the main character. He leaves no stone unturned because he gives every single detail of his story. However, giving a manual on every whale that ever lived on the planet does not seem necessary to the advancement of the plot. Either way, I think the author is very creative and independent.

In the Tempest, Shakespeare gives a reconciliatory ending to the story (Shakespeare 265). However this could also be changed to read as:

No man is perfect, that's while mistakes are made,

A man should however be a source of strength to his wife,

Like a wife should be to his husband for this is the strongest pillar of the family.

For no man can live alone.

The reason why God created Adam and Eve

Not Adam and John.


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