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The most interesting lesson from this article is that morality has a lot to do with what we achieve in life. It is a major driving force towards the success of a person. However, the he justification of morality is complex but goes beyond self interests as many people would try to put it, hence several theories justifying morality have been formulated. The main three things that I have learnt from this article are that morality enables one achieve self interests, the practice of morality cannot be justified by self interests alone and acting morally leads to satisfactionof an individual, (Doing the right thing : the nature of morality, n.d),

Before reading this article, I thought that morality was practiced with intentions of benefiting from practicing it. However, after enlightment from the article, I am able to justify morality from different points of view, not only self interests. I expected the reading to cover the consequences of practicing morals, from the different justification points. Something which came as a surprise is that the questioning morals by seeking to justify morality in itself are an act against morality. It shows that one does not fully believe in morality. A thing that I have learnt from reading this article that I will be able to use in the future is that morality is a major contributing factor towards the realization of one’s self interests. I will certainly practice good morals with intents of reaping benefits from it. However, one thing that remains unclear after reading the article is the authors stand on morality. The writer fails to clearly define tha stand he takes.

I was interested in emotivism and would like to study it in detail with its relation to morality. An idea which is due to provoke action from me is the whole idea about justification of morality. I think the justification depends on the society one lives in and their values. I will try to justify morality according to my society and individual life. All in all, what I hated most about the reading is its tough stand against morality. I think morality is a determinant of the nature of life that we live as humans in the world. It brings about peaceful coexistence. The interesting fact is that, though morality is meant to make our lives better, it is not a practice upheld by all the people in the society.


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