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The over-aching goal of a prison is to reduce re-offending among prisoners. It is true that some gangs usually threaten fellow inmates if they fail to fulfill their ill motives. In the provided case, I am of the opinion that the inmate in question should be placed in an AD to separate him from the supposed threatening inmate before being transferred to another prison. 1 However, this separation should last for some time, but not hurriedly .

As the case study reveals, some inmates often create stories like this to get transfers. Similarly, this story might be true, and the inmate might need protection from the threatening inmates. I believe that transferring inmates from one prison to another prison will not provide a long-term solution to the problem. This can be attributed to the fact that threatening gangs can be found in almost all prisons. Moreover, inmates who make up such stories can also be found in almost all prison facilities.

I believe that placing the prisoner in an AD for some time before being transferred will allow the captain and other security staff to investigate the inmate 's allegation. It is situations from occurring in the future by finding a lasting if the inmate's allegations turn out to be true; the prison officers should identify the supposed culprits and seclude them from the other inmates. Note that this step would have provided a long-term solution to the two problems.

First, since the gang that threatens other inmates would have been eliminated , other inmates would not be pressured and threatened, and as a result, other situations like this would not occur . Secondly, since the security of other inmates would have been guaranteed by separating the threatening thugs from the rest, similar cases would not arise . Therefore, I believe that locking him up is the best solution to the problem as it will allow for further investigations.


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