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Undeniably, young girls, in increasing numbers, have fallen into the routine of wearing makeup even when they do not necessarily need it. It may be appropriate to say it helps scientifically, but they have added yet another objective of boosting self esteem. In the current generation, the moment a girl comes out of the womb they want to play with makeup. This is a true statement. But all the same, the question we all seem to ask ourselves is, when and why should teenage girls wear makeup? There may be a lot of different opinion on when is a good time for young girls, especially teenage girls, to start wearing makeup. In my opinion, they should not wear cosmetics until they are eighteen years and above. Therefore the question here could be why they wear makeup.

Cosmetic companies are paying alloy of attention to their young clients, including creating special service centers for the teenage girls. The major reason why teenage girls wear makeup is the social environment. It all comes with the influences they get from peers. This is actually a force that many girls find difficult to escape. They wish to like their peers and be admired by the opposite sex just as their friends are admired. They could also wear makeup out of curiosity. Mothers these days carry makeup wherever they go. This then exposes their younger girls to start using them because they regard their mothers to be role models. Probably their mothers look good in makeup and the younger ones would wish to take after them.

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The videos they watch in movies and in music videos could contribute greatly to the influence the young teenage girls receive. Celebrities these days have turned makeup into a dress code that each and every one of them has to try out and show off to the rest or identify themselves with. The question we seem to ask ourselves is, who then influenced the celebrities to use the makeup? It all goes round and round. Other teenage girls wear makeup to appear beautiful through the eyes of the world. It could be a symptom of self esteem or a related personality disorder. But they seem to wear makeup even when they are very sure about their natural beauty. They know they are beautiful in the first place. They may also be well adjusted. But just as mentioned earlier, they have turned makeup into a style that each one should adopt.

Others may wear makeup to conceal their natural appearances which may not be good to look at. But many have subscribed to the sentimental principles of makeup. We can simply say they wear makeup to hide imperfections as teenagers which therefore become a daily 'ritual' and part of their beauty routine. Many teens believe that makeup helps them protect their skin against harsh environmental elements. This may be scientifically true or acceptable but the extent to which they apply it may vary, even in the same environmental circumstances. Teenage girls are supposed to concentrate in studies, but this is not the case. They keep thinking what the opposite mates think about them. This therefore creates the implied routine of looking good through application of makeup.

The primary basis of judging these teens may not be clear now, but when it comes to older women, we can say they wear makeup to hide their aging skins. But the bitter scientific truth is that, no matter how much they want to look younger they are, the aging process never stops. Undeniably, when applied well and objectively, makeup is able to achieve so many objectives regarding skin characteristics.


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