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I do not discredit a victim's testimony on rape instances; however, any proof for non-consent eases the conclusion or verdict of a case. For certainty and confident decision to be made, I would prefer the victim's testimony to be supported with evidences for non-consent. Additionally, showing of resistance by the victim is the only and the best way to prove that the victim was raped. Bearing in mind the magnitude of rape cases and the associated conviction, it is essential for certainty to prevail in court. For that reason, I find it significant for the victim to show and prove that there was no consent. There are also instances that victims pretend that they were raped. Therefore, proceed to file a suit claiming a certain innocent person responsible for the inhuman act. These accusations are often used as an instrument for tarnishing an individual's reputation or destroy a person's life. Therefore, the only way to prove that the victim was sexually abused is by showing that there was some resistance. For instance, Zuma, the president of South Africa was accused of non-consent sex; however, evidences indicated otherwise thus the case was dismissed.

The requirement of the victim to prove for resistance can significantly affect a victim's willingness to testify. The requirement can demoralize a victim, since he or she may fail to recognize the significance of the testimony. Consequently, the victim might be unwilling to testify his or her horrific experience. In fact, a victim might be more frustrated incase he or she lacks supporting evidences to show resistance. However, this depends with an individual, since some other victims may be motivated by the requirement. Some victims will be motivated to give a detailed testimony, and further search for relevant evidences that would show resistance. Therefore, such victims will be impacted positively by the idea of showing resistance. In summary, the impact of a requirement to show resistance on the victims' willingness to testify all depends on the individual character and spirit.


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