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I consider purchasing assignments from the websites to be acceptable because it helps students get their assignments done in time and manage other issues that they have to do. However, the students are obliged to understand all the information that is written in the purchased paper. The student should therefore be able to express him or herself and thoroughly explain the content of the paper. If this does not happen, then it will not make sense when students submit papers they have no idea about their content or cannot defend in case of a presentation. If they can do this, the papers can be purchased.

I will not change my stand with regard to the situation whether students buy and present purchased papers, whether there it is checked for a plagiarism or not. The whole aim of students going to school is to acquire knowledge and skills. What should be done is to assess whether students become better at the end of their courses or not. Presenting online purchased papers or those that have been created from online sources in a concrete and well understood way can bring a better point to the student than after struggling and creating an original weak paper. The student might be original, but the originality could be too weak to make him or her competitive. Purchasing papers improves the thinking of the student and improves the scope of reasoning.

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I would agree with the website owner because every challenge should meet new solutions. If professors are given the freedom to teach and set exams, some are reluctant to devise new assignments and for several years collect the assignments and reassign them to new students. However, when they discover and create new assignments every day, they create challenges that even the online paper sellers might not be able to cope with. This way, the marks of students that graduate from institutions may be improved, and I therefore agree with the website owner who says that there would be better education quality if students were allowed to purchase online papers.

Furthermore, as stated earlier, students get better results when they submit other people’s work as their own as long as they understand the content of the submitted paper. In this case, students are able to tackle and better understand the assignments that their professors give at the end of the courses. The diverse and well written purchased papers will please the professors with the complexity of the papers and they will understand that students worked hard while studying the subject of the papers and writing them (Clarke, 2006).

The issue of plagiarism is very worrying to professors. Innovations in the sphere of plagiarism check sometimes are demotivating the paper writers because they do not get the recognition from their paper as they desire or deserve (Clarke, 2006). I would therefore ask the students to first appreciate the work that was done by other scholars by ensuring that they cite all the borrowed material from the online sources, especially with regard to papers that are composed from several online sources.

When papers are however purchased from websites, the issue of integrity might be tricky to tackle. It happens when the paper writer may not be interested in the paper copyrights, but the return they get from the sale of the paper is the rising question. In this case, I would ask the website owners to reward the writers handsomely and compensate for the work being done by the writer. When the prices are relatively high, students can be discouraged and opt to write their own papers as well as will not use such services again. Eventually, it will reduce the rate of plagiarism as well as the purchase of papers from the websites.


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