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Project 1: Service Learning through the Bennion Center


The essence of service learning is to undertake an educational stance which will ensure that there is a balance between formal instruction and providing the community with a pragmatic learning experience. It is also imperative to ensure that service learning draws a correlation between contemporary life lessons and the traditional classroom experience that learners have been accustomed to. This part of the project will shed insight on service learning through Bennion center and include a personal reflection of the value of the project for the student.

Personal Reflection on the Value of the Project

Service learning through the Bennion center has had an impact of providing a series of exercises that give students a platform to reflect on service experience and build their characters. The experience will also enable students in the Bennion center to develop ample problem-solving skills and have a better comprehension of civic responsibilities. The embraced service learning is inclusive of community service, voluntary service, internships and field education. At some degree, all the services exemplify the core values of service learning by benefiting the students and bringing about the concept of the potential value of the project. The guaranteed achievements are tenfold, because students will learn how to perceive themselves while with others and gain work experiences in other future fields.

The potential value of the project is that it puts learners in a better position to apply their class knowledge and to cement the skills that have been learned in class. Therefore, the Bennion center allows students to work collectively by applying their knowledge in an authentic setting.  The students that have gained utmost efficacy from the program are those who feel that they are compelled to become actively involved in their education blending what they have learned in accordance with community concerns. It is also apparent that academic and personal knowledge of students will deepen whenever they show a critical reflection of being beneficial through participation in community involvement programs. Once again, the participation is fostered by service learning programs.

In addition, the service learning program through the Bennion center will instill a sense of warmness and creativity while dealing with others and addressing the needs of community members. Even though the reflection will to some degree grant benefits to the community, it also has a potential value for the students, because it makes them feel worthy. There will also be an active learning experience where students will identify particular problems that subsist within the community and come up with corresponding resolutions through the realm of community service.

Service learning can also be confined under community engagement pedagogies that establish an amalgam between learning goals and community services in a manner that enhances the common good. Similarly, students are able to link academic cognitive development with personal and social progress. The perks stemming from the service learning through the Bennion center can be attributed to the fact that it enhances understanding, whereas understanding paves the way for effective and practical action. Even though the service learning guarantees some positive outcomes for the students, it also brings with it positive changes in character. These personal outcomes have been effective in inculcating a great sense of moral development as well as personal efficacy.

There are also aspects of a great interpersonal development and an ability to cohabit with others while at the same time developing ample communication and leadership skills. Moreover, service learning through the Bennion center has also had the impact of bringing forth such social outcomes as improvement of social responsibility and greater inter-cultural understanding. In regards to career development of the students of the Bennion center, service learning has equipped them with a great academic learning experience as well as personal efficacy that will see them through greater life and career opportunities. Service learning can also be useful by giving students exposure to the matters pertinent to behavioral issues as well as effective citizenship. In this respect, students will have better comprehension of social issues revolving around their communities and take the initiative of applying experiential learning to address the status quo.

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Beyond that, students can undergo a transition of developing better problem-solving skills that will be useful for confronting the complexities of social issues and aiding the development of relevant innovative solutions. A personal reflection on the potential value of the project may improve the commitment that the Bennion center has towards conforming with the curriculum. The project has also had a substantial effect of enhancing community relations through the improvement of students’ retention. Service learning can also be effective when integrated with existing courses, even though it will depend on some factors, such as the academic preparation of the students, class sizes and the overall community partnerships. However, some vital aspects that were put into consideration in the course of the preparation of the project objectives that ought to be met are pilot projects of different faculties and the degree of students’ involvement.


Service learning through the Bennion center has been one of the most effective teaching methodologies. It instills a sense of positive impact on the academic learning of students by improving their ability to apply their learning outcomes in real world applications.

Project 2: Participate in a Public Meeting Addressing a Resource Management Issue


Resource management revolves around the use of resources in an utterly efficient manner. Resources comprise of financial resources, production resources and labor resources, just to mention a few. The essence of effective resource management is to plan, allocate and schedule resources to task, as it is a function of budgets and resource levelling. It is equally important to acknowledge that managing resources will call for the necessary data on resource demands as well as resource configurations. The aim of this part project is to substantiate a personal reflection as well as the potential value of addressing a resource management issue.

Personal Reflection on Potential Value of the Project

A resource management issue addressed in the public meeting is the efficient utilization of production resources for the benefit of the community. The production resources addressed are confined to factors of production which are inclusive of land, labor and capital. In fact, it is apparent that the problem of most industrialized economies has been the integration of factors of production in the quest of attaining better socio-economic development. Addressing the public concerning resource management is important, because it creates awareness of the importance of high-level managerial resources and their correlation with industrial development.

As a result, effective resource management can be a prerequisite for all professional services executives that have an ulterior objective of maximizing their profit margins as well as ensuring better economic status. The impact of having an effective resource management program extends to the improvement of bill utilization and to some extent increase of the client’s satisfaction. The project necessitated for effective project planning and scheduling in order for everything to run smoothly.

The potential value of this project was instilling a sense of the importance of managing resources for the public and seeing that the resources are efficiently utilized for building the economy. The magnitude of the project ought not to be downplayed, because production cannot take place without these resources. The potential value of the project will aim at introducing some of the predominant resource management techniques, for instance, resource levelling. The role of this technique becomes useful in addressing the surplus and shortage of inventories. It was also emphasized that resource levelling can be most successful when it incorporates the demand for various resources, the supply of resources and the resource configuration that will be necessitated by the demand. 

Even though resource levelling will aim at 100% utilization, it might not be logical from a pragmatic perspective because of the prevalence of constraints as well as important metrics that come into play. Another potential value of the project for the public entity is that it brings about a dimension of resource development that is comprehensive enough through the inclusion of practices that revolve around resource management integrity. A proactive resource management policy will thus come in handy for delivering efficiency as well as optimization through allocating resources in manners that are embedded in efficient resource provisioning. Moreover, the potential value has an immense contribution, because public resources are always limited and ought to be shared in distinct virtualization environments around the public. There is also the aspect of using constraints to regulate production resources, for example, resource controls that seeks to regulate the depletion of some production resources.

However, constraints will only be applicable to some factors of production such as capital and labor. As for the land, the situation can be a bit complicated, because land lacks geographical mobility. Participating in a public meeting to address a resource management issue was useful, because it imparted the public with the awareness on how to utilize production resources, particularly capital and labor, during periods of tough competition and economic downturns.  Participation in the public meeting shed insights on how production resources can be a relevant resource management issues as well as how capital, labor and land can impact the wealth of a nation. Similarly, the purposeful and systematic role of factors of production can be efficiently utilized through building social structures as it makes some of the resources productive.

Practically, the building, per se, will require labor, capital and land, all of which are factors of production. However, the production resources will have been maximized, because labor will be useful for the establishment of a social structure, while land will undergo an occupational transition from being a piece of land to a social structure. Efficient management of production resources as a resources management issue will also require tentative propositions that will aim for the efficiency of an optimum combination of economic resources. In this respect, industries that might require a larger capital investment will find it necessary to invest in the management of those resources. This can be attributed to the fact that organization and management are the principal factors that will aid with the determination of labor productivity.

Labor productivity determination will be a function of the assumption that capital and natural resources are constant. The ideology of the presence of non-economic factors gives an impression that organizations will be efficient in combining natural resources. In this project, the development of such an approach towards economic resources showed efficiency in painting a real picture of what the public ought to understand in regards to the resource management issue.


Effective management of resources is imperative in ensuring the overall success of a project as well as the wellbeing of a community. The project has been beneficial for the public, as it aids in inculcating a habit of efficient utilization of production resources.


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