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1) Who would you choose to be on your raft and why?I would prefer the 20 year old pregnant female addicted to crack to be on my raft. There are various reasons influencing my decision, which are primarily based on age and physiological factors (Maureen & Helen, 2004). The fact that she is 20 years old suggests that her addiction may be off a short term nature given an estimation of the time she started her abusive behavior. This makes her the most suitable candidate since she is better able to respond to her condition through a competent rehabilitation program, which includes me. In addition, taking into account her physiological status presented by the pregnancy, the harm she poses to the new born is unwanted hence through the rehabilitation program two lives (herself and the fetus) will be saved from potential harm. Moreover, by virtue of the pregnancy she is in a better position to quit her dependency on crack. This would significantly encourage me to change my current abusive behavior.

2) Who would you want with you the least and why?

The least I would prefer to accompany me in the life saving raft is the 65 year old male chronic alcoholic. The factors influencing my decision are primarily based on age and condition classification. By virtue of being 65 years old suggests that the individual has already developed a habitual pattern of alcoholism, which is potentially indicated by his chronic condition. In addition, chances are that already potential harm has occurred to him, for instance, the potential of him having developed a condition like liver cirrhosis. These aspects make him the most unsuitable candidate since the successive response level to the rehabilitation program would be low. Furthermore, response in rehabilitation program primarily depends upon an individual's participatory capability (Maureen & Helen, 2004). In this case, his senior age complicates this factor hence limiting the success rate.


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