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People exhibit different approach to daily life depending on their lifestyle, social status, economic status, age as well as other factors that dictate the kind of activities they have on day to day life. It is thus paramount one to be conscious on the kind of life he lives on daily basis since it will have a bearing on his/ her future life. Life requires seriousness and commitment, since it doesn’t not offer an opportunity for rehearsal. Time is irreversible and we should utilize any opportunity that we come across by utilizing it in beneficial terms so that we can shape our life at very tender age. As it is said, time will never stop even for the king.

By daily life is packed with a number of activities for I believe in hard work that will reward my effort in the present and near future. Having ailed from a family that doesn’t encourage laziness, I have found it being very beneficial since my parents acts as my mentors which inculcates their positive attributes to me. Life can be complex if one does not have a bearing as well as objectives that should be realized at the end of the day.

Being a student, my daily life is mostly packed with academic issues whereby I have a timetable that clearly shows the activities that I should accomplish at the end of the day. Normally, more weight is given to subjects that seem demanding but this doesn’t mean that I neglect the others. There is always a balance so that at the end of the day, I get good grades in all subjects. “Too much work without play makes jack a dull boy” and this is why I have time slotted for leisure and recreation which we are told is good for our health. I would like to minimize healthy complications that are associated with sedentary life by remaining active in sports and doing exercises on my own. To conclude, daily life can be good and bad to others and it is thus important to change our negative ways of looking at things by believing in ourselves as well as having vision for future.


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