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I consider John’s efforts a success and that he should continue managing safety in the plant because he has managed to involve the workers of the organization in the whole process of improving safety in the workplace. As a manager, John has realized the importance of having a strong workforce which consists of members who work together towards one goal which has been set in the organization. John has further given every worker in the organization a chance to express whatever issues they feel are not going as expected in the organization. Through this therefore he has been able to understand unsafe behaviours, misses and injuries which is a pre-requisite in maintaining safety in the organization. John has also identified that proper audits need to be done so that the organization can run on smoothly. Auditing is important because it helps the management of the plant to realize the weak areas and therefore improve on them. Further by proper auditing, the plant manager is able to develop contingent programs which will aid in understanding the safety plans to be put in place.

Further, John has managed to organize all the claims for compensation programs for the employees. These programs involved working with their employees when they were hurt and making sure that they work closely with their doctors so that they can ensure the employees are treated and kept under the doctors’ instructions until they recover. Through these programs, the manager has ensured that the employees’ health is kept and that any slight injury or problem has not bee assumed. In essence, John has been able to ensure that the set standards and regulations in the organization favor their employees’ safety. I would therefore recommend that these efforts by John should be taken into consideration with a lot of care so that the safety in the organization can be improved even further in future.


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