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Kindly accept my application to undertake a Master of Science in Social Work. My will to pursue social work emanates from a desire to impact positively in the lives of people especially the poor and needy individuals in society. An MSc in social work (MSW) will empower me with the knowledge to execute the duties of a social worker with utmost caring and diligence. Studying Social Work at Xxx University will also offer me a considerable platform to familiarize myself with pragmatic theories and connect with authorities in the field of Social work.

Most importantly, social work is a field which allows an individual to assist people at their point of need. These individuals are afflicted by social problems that impact negatively on their normal functioning. A social worker plays a crucial role in aiding the troubled individuals to find freedom from emotional, mental, and social issues that stifle growth. Advanced Social work studies will empower me with abilities to instil coping skills in people experiencing problems. They should be assisted to overcome mental, emotional, and social stumbling blocks. I have confidence in the resources of this university as it is a top ranking University that has produced many outstanding social workers. Martin Luther King is an alumna, and I intended to base my practice on the values of fairness, equality as postulated by the civil rights advocate.

The university also has an online accredited MSW program. This is highly convenient as I am a father and my parental obligations prevent me from undertaking a full time program. In Xxx University, I have the chance to pursue further studies as I tend to my other responsibilities. I believe that Xxx University is the best choice as it has a tailor made program to accommodate distance learners.

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As a child, I grew up in a single parenthood setting and lived in New Jersey in an area where crime was life. My mother managed to secure a house in a New Jersey public housing scheme. To date the area is ranked amongst the leading crime zones in the United States. With such a background, I have firsthand experience of social and economic inequality, which undoubtedly fashioned my understanding of life. For this reason, I believe I have a responsibility to help people who face similar life problems. They need to be optimistic of a better life. Despite my difficult upbringing, I have emerged as a responsible and successful citizen. This is enough testimony of hard work yielding success. I would love to use my opportunity as a social worker to mentor individuals and instil a sense of work ethics. Engaging in criminal activities should not be an option.

Studying social work will equip me with the necessary information, skills, and techniques to handle issues in the social work field. As an individual, I have personal strengths, which strongly require improvement. For instance, I take pride in patience and empathy for others which I believe are critical strengths in social work. My strong desire to help others is another feather to my cap. I have learned to leverage my problem solving assets of creativity, empathy, and knowledge in social work. In social work, one should possess creativity and a willingness to approach and solve problems.

Prior to considering a career in social work, I have been trusted to assist others facing sensitive personal issues. This includes family members, friends, and colleagues at work. Following my ability to reach out and assist individuals facing psychological problems, I have been revered as a trusted friend and companion. Another notable strength is the ability to easily socialize and relate with people. As an individual, I have had experiences with insecurity issues, and through personal analysis, I clearly understand how this can affect other people experiencing similar problems. I also take pride in the ability to connect and empathise with traumatized and troubled individuals. In the process, I empower them to have coping skills and to make sound decisions. For this reason, I need advanced studies to bolster my expression, communication, and relation abilities. Even in light of a sentimental outlook, I need to embrace a pragmatic approach.

My early academic background is a firm foundation, and I strive to attain the best of social work principles in Xxx University. With respect to academic grades, I have a consistent track record of academic success having scored a 3.6 GPA through both my undergraduate and graduate studies. This, I must mention, was achieved as I worked full time hence an indication I can successfully juggle academics and work. I recognize that undertaking a Masters in social work will present a rigorous demand of course work and field education. Consequently, I have formulated a clear plan in which I will have ample time for my academic studies, and still get to fulfil my responsibilities both at work and home. As a non-commissioned officer in the Navy, I regularly set priorities and schedule work under stressful conditions hence I am experienced at structuring work to produce excellent results under stressful conditions. While on active duty I often had to handle conflicting forces such as ship deployments, rotational shift work. In addition, my duties were marked with disruptive last minute schedule that resulted from extended deployments. Despite these hectic schedules in the past, I managed a 3.6 GPA throughout my past studies. Thus I can competently handle the demands of a graduate curriculum.

The MSW program will prepare me for future works options and career goals in the field of social work. I intend to open a social work consultancy where I will work with key stakeholders to assist young adults and families in underprivileged communities. I also plan to engage military families in social work. Social workers need to address the difficulties faced by military families. This is a neglected area as the plight of military families is not cited as a social work concern. These families encounter a myriad of challenges when parents go to war. The separation is tough, and these families have to deal with grief when a parent dies in the battlefield. There are cases where discharged officers have a crisis as they fail to adapt a civilian lifestyle. For my graduate studies, I would like to undertake a social work project on military families or underprivileged families. I stand to gain a lot from an MSW program in Xxx University.


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