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The English unit that I undertook this semester has influenced various aspects of knowledge. Firstly, I should comment that it has been instrumental in improving my skills particularly in rhetorical analysis, evaluation, and information evaluation. Concerning rhetorical analysis, the English unit has inspired me with conceptual and lexical tools that have informed my analysis of texts and speeches. Thus, I must comment that I am more familiar with essential components that inform rhetoric such as individual word choice and ideological assumptions that are significant tools in rhetorical analysis. Secondly, my evaluation in English has improved since at the moment I deeply understand the English language, which informs my judgment. Lastly, concerning judgment, the English unit has informed my knowledge regarding the propositional meaning and discourse context. Thus, this has facilitated my coming up with an argument regarding the English discourse. I must note that this has been a very inspiring experience. However, it should be noted that the English unit has its own advantages and demerits. The merits include the fact that the unit has facilitated my use of good academic language and has enabled me to search for credible sources effortlessly. In addition, the presence of the instructor was very inspiring as the instructor provided help where needed. The demerits of the unit include provision of questions, which we are supposed to adhere to when reviewing classmates’ papers and a lot of homework entailed.

Therefore, this paper provides my personal reflection regarding the merits and demerits of the English unit undertaken this semester, and how useful the information learnt will be in the future.

Firstly, the presence of the instructor made the English unit experience something to write home about. The tutor was always present during the lessons, which significantly influenced my understanding of the unit regarding the pronunciation of words and sentence arrangement. It should be noted that instructors are essential in language classes because they lead the students in understanding all the necessary concepts inherent in the unit. In addition, the tutor facilitates individual understanding as questions can be asked where a student feels that he or she has not understood what one is learning. Personally, I must comment that the instructor inspired me because the examples she gave were instrumental to my understanding of various topics in the unit.

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Secondly, the unit has inspired my search of sources. Before taking the unit, I was experiencing a lot of trouble in searching for sources because of my wording and the lack of conceptual and discourse skills. However, the unit enabled me to tell the difference between the two as correct wording of the source name ensures that I find the intended source and conceptual skill informs my knowledge regarding the source that I am searching for. In addition, it should be noted that searching sources online requires a skill in wording and rewording of your queries, which the unit has significantly imparted in me.

Lastly, the unit has improved my grasp of the English language both spoken and written. It should be noted that mastery of the English language is an essential component in our institution; thus, the unit has facilitated my use of proper academic language. This means that I no longer have problems in reading the questions presented in exams and answering them using the correct words and lexical arrangements. It has also improved my spoken English and now I am confident when talking to people. For instance, nowadays I do not hesitate when speaking English and I try to incorporate English speaking skills just like the natives. A good example is when someone uses a phrase that I do not understand, which I counter by “filling” the conversation with phrases like “um” and “er”.

Concerning demerits of the unit, I must touch on the issue regarding homework. Given the complexity of the unit, the tutor ensured that many times we did extra work in order to improve our grasp of the unit. Although this was a good move, I detest the pile of work that we had on a daily basis, which me time to engage in other things. Notably, the unit has several topics to cover, which makes it more tasking; thus, the reason for myriad homework. In my opinion, it would be more helpful and less tasking if we did more class work than homework because class work facilitates discussions with other students with the help of the instructor unlike homework, which a person has to complete on his own.

Another demerit of the unit concerns correction of papers. I do not second the way we correct other students’ paper, which entails the provision of questions that we should abide by when correcting the papers. In my opinion, this method is time consuming and tasking unlike if we were allowed to just correct other students’ papers because all of us have their own understanding of the paper that we do. Thus, I suggest that this method be changed so that students can correct other peer review within their papers instead of separate piece of paper and answering questions.

In conclusion, I must note several things that I have taken from the English 105 unit. Firstly, I will take the discourse and lexical skills from the unit, which has improved my grasp of the English language. Secondly, the evaluation skill imparted in me is significant for me to deal away with it as it will always inform my judgment regarding the English language. I must also indicate that the class has been very instrumental in informing my speaking and listening skills, which I will always cherish. These skills are very essential for my future classes. It should be noted that the English units advance while building on the previous knowledge that a person has; thus, the current skills garnered will inform my understanding of future classes. In addition, given that future classes might seem more complex than this unit, the skills that I have garnered will enable me ask questions fluently regarding topics or areas that I do not comprehend. The skills from the unit will also be beneficial for searching credible sources in my future classes. Thus, I must conclude by passing my regards to our instructor for the commitment and hard-work depicted in ensuring that we understood the unit thoroughly.


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