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Family is a group of people associated with each other by blood relation. Notwithstanding, according to the true denotation of family nothing could be grouped without strong believe in each other even if blood relation. So, association by cognation does not matter enough but unification actually has substance to the theory of family. Family is about unification of thoughts, goals, intentions and unification in hardness. In addition, the concept of family is about regard, respect and equality. So, family is a group of individuals who have thought of many and when thought of many performed jointly it’s called family. Sometime even it disregards the cognation aspect.

My family:

I have two brothers, four sisters and one mom, dad in my family. We live as a family with unification and clear intensions. We have regard, respect and equal approach for each other. When I overview my family life I feel very lucky to have a caring family members with me. My family does not have any bias approach towards masculine or feminine, we are a group of people who is not only associated with each other by blood relation but it has a strong believe in each other which actually strengthen us. Everybody has equal rights in my family gender favoritism never being propped up. We have a special respect for women in my family due to their extensive role in raising the new toddlers of family and this special respect strengthen them to perform their duties more dedicatedly. In a shortest note there is no power struggle in my family, we have build a favorable family environment in my family which is based on respect and justice.

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The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts:

A group of people by blood relation is denotes to a family. However, a strong attachment between the group members can be a strong social joint which plays pivotal role to resolve the issues at individual, family and social level. We are a unite family never scattered in parts, ever worked and lived as a whole which is I think played the major role in our success. Therefore, a divided family could have strong efforts but never progress like a joint family and the difference is the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Role of Rules in Family:

Boundaries are determined by rules and regulations. Hence, rules have great importance to determine the boundaries of family relationship. In my family there are predefined rules and cod of conduct which everyone has to follow. I think that is the reason which allowed us to maintain the respect and regard for each other. Moreover, a family without rules is like a horse without bridle, so, rules are important, rules determine the family determination for a peaceful and prosperous living.


Currently the true family system is near to dead. The materialistic life does not allow us to adjust and reconcile for a joint family system. In the contrary a family system gives a strengthen status in social and interfamily relation. In a grouped relationship you have the power of the world and in a partial relationship you cannot even justify to be a powered one. Therefore, it is better to comprehend essence of family system “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” than to stay in parts. So, we should arrange ourselves as a whole to be more strengthened than the sum of parts.


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