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A writer is an individual that is charged with the responsibility of creating literary art such as novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, and essays. This is achieved through the immense knowledge gained from the daily experiences. I am an enthusiastic writer and have always yearned to find an explanation pertaining to who am I as a writer. I must admit that the work of writing is extremely appealing especially when there are many things happening around the globe that are interesting to write about. I try to reflect in my writings modern reality.

This essay explicates my personal view on who I am as a writer.

I enjoy writing, because it gives me a chance to reflect all the desirable and undesirable happenings in society. I perceive myself as a mirror of society, because writing gives me the knowledge and wisdom to identify and inform society of various events. I write avidly about different facts around the globe. It helps to express my point of view and prompt somebody to comprehend some useful things. In case of any worst happenings, writing has always bestowed me with the inspiration to condemn such happenings and suggest the best solutions for society. I understand that without writing, I could not have the capacity to act as a mirror to society due to the lack of effective identity. I am sure that writing gives me a sense of identity hence enables me to play my role of highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the contemporary world.

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Writing is extremely fascinating as it gives me an opportunity to be a teacher to society. The various types of works that I have been able to publish have been immensely used for education purpose hence fulfilling my role of being a teacher as a writer. I believe that writing gives me the passion to address the different concepts that exist in the lives of individuals. I educate society through the various pieces of literary work that I present. As a writer, I am a teacher, who teaches the entire community effectively by presenting different works and offering lessons. I will be always motivated to teach society as a writer.

Writing gives me the opportunity to be an entertainer. I can confidently describe myself as an effective entertainer. Writing gives me an enormous opportunity to present funny and entertaining pieces of work to individuals. This is meant to fascinate individuals and ensure that they stick onto reading different works. It is also meant to eliminate the tensions existing among different people as they get entertained through the significant pieces of writing such as novels that bring them together. I am always delighted when individuals perceive my pieces of writing as fascinating and motivating their reading attitudes. This is the key reason that makes me stick to writing.

In conclusion, I have always loved writing. In fact, I am an avid reader of other peoples’ and my own pieces of writing. Writing means a lot in my life, and I have always vowed to stick to it. As a writer, I am a mirror to society, because I have the power to reflect effectively most of the negative happenings and highlight them. More so, I perform a role of a teacher. Lastly, as a writer, I entertain individuals and ensure everyone embraces reading as a routine. I will always leave writing to guide me as I aspire to continue educating the entire society.


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