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In life, we in most cases take things for granted until we lose or come to realize their importance. Most are a times when we exhibit casual disposition to issues, not that we don’t have capacity to appreciate them but rather due to our attitude not knowing how much importance to attach to them. I was brought up in a family that we have been enjoying the parental love and care. Both of my parents have always taken care of me with much love, guidance and showing the best way to live with others and community at large.

My dad has always been a great inspiration as well as a mentor. He used to go out with me and indeed taught me a number of things which up-to now, have had a bearing in my life. Some of the characters I picked from him were hardworking, integrity, respect and courage to mention but just a few. These have helped in the way I have managed to tackle daily to daily issues with ease. My father liked adventure a lot and he toured different parts of the world whenever he had the opportunity. Most of the times, we accompanied him in touring different parts.

We had visited many parts of the continent, but Africa was the only one we had not visited. In 1998, it was a great year since we were to visit Africa and our first country for visit was Kenya. I had been hearing many stories about Africa, some true and others fiction as I came to realize after the visit. Our visit coincided with the year of elections in Kenya, and it was at this time that most prospective candidates were doing their campaigns. For sure my visit happened to be one of the most significant events that have happened to me. One, I have always seen in the television and heard in the radio about hour a number of countries engage in tribal war fare that leaves many homeless and incapacitated in one way or the other. We happened to visit rift-valley province which has always been the worst hit area with tribal clashes normally among two major tribes in the country ( Kamau,2005). I saw something that I have never seen in my life including my parents too. People were butchering others mercilessly and with no regrets. One scenario remains very fresh in my mind as if it happened just yesterday. This was in a small interior village where the chaos had taken its toll. Being tourists, we enjoyed the security detail that was provided to ensure our safety.

On the way, we found charging youths that were chasing a group 2 of women. One looked helpless and as we came to learn later, she was pregnant. Though we couldn’t understand their language, I saw a young boy aged about 15 years approach the woman with machete, as the woman screamed for help and looked to beg with him. The boy without hesitating slit open the woman stomach and without even guilt conscience, pulled out the intestines and other contents of the stomach. At this time I was very much worried even for our security, though we managed to go to safe ground. As we visited other parts of the country, the mood and the behavior was the same. Sincerely speaking, this was an important visit since it made me start appreciating our country and others that make considerable efforts for peace to prevail. In Kenya, people were really having problems and I saw what war can do to countries economy thus the reason to never take things for granted. We should always be grateful and appreciative of what we have right and work towards improvement without ever thinking we will gain by engaging in war. Dialogue should always prevail in all countries of the world.


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