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The main point made in the article is that self-concept plays an instrumental role in the development of individuals. Managers are likely to be more successful in case they believe in themselves and are ready to deal with any challenges arising within and outside the organization. Self-concept gives people the drive to achieve the goals that are set because they are able to work with a high level of motivation. Executives are able to adapt to the changes that take place within their organizations in those cases when their self-concept and self-esteem are high. Managers are able to transform into effective leaders if they align their behavior with self-confidence. The conflicts that exist in understanding self-concept emanate from the several selves that exist within individuals. For instance, individuals face challenges if they are to take up several responsibilities such as parenting and business duties. Brouwer (1964) asserts that the natural resistance to change tends to vitiate the growth of individuals in line with their self-concept. It limits their understandability of the significance of change in their environment. Individuals need to work with expectations that are realistic, as this would motivate them to develop more effectively. Therefore, self-concept is the main factor for the growth and development of all individuals in society.

I came up with this point in this article because I feel that it applies to all individuals around the globe. I feel that self-concept is the key driver in the lives of individuals and it is the only way to ensure that individuals reach their targets. I feel that the presence of self-concept in the decisions that are made by individuals motivates them towards the achievement of their goals in any particular setting. I feel that every individual must embrace self-concept as it leads to the growth and development of individuals. People should not allow the conflicts to self-concept to stop them from achieving their goals.


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