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I have a great pleasure to join the UCDAVIS, as an economics major. My great desire to part of this great institution has been influenced by its philosophies on academic excellence.  I would like to transfer from the DVC pleasant hill. I am an optimistic person with great personal motivation in education. I believe that a good education is one of the most important thing a human being can ever  achieve. It is on this ground that my quest to join UCDAVIS institution is compellingly high. The institution has a great history of excellence. Therefore, my main aim is to be part of UCDAVIS institution,  and contribute towards making it a better institution. My academic  life has been full of positive challenges, and opportunity. Being an international student,  I have faced a few challenges which  have shaped me to be a good person. First,  I had to adjust to the new environment, and cultural diversity. It took me a few months to get fully oriented to the new environment, and societal cultural background. Therefore, I must say that my academic journey has been a long learning challenge. My academic  journey is still long, and therefore I am still walking. Therefore, I should plan for the future,  and planning for the future call for the transfer to the UCDAVIS institution.

My great motivational factors have always come from the desire  to learn new things. This condition has made me  interact with many people so as to learn more. I must confess that I have learnt so much from people and that is why  I strongly like team work. In addition, I am a hard working person this is evidenced by my past academic work and contribution towards the betterment of the society. I have volunteered in many occasions in both  Hong Kong and USA in helping Redcross with their activities. I was given the opportunity to take care old person, and help  kids. I like the responsibility which I was given. I made a changed person and after education I would like to channel my knowledge and resource in helping the less fortunate in the society. Voluntarism has  given me the experience and insight on how to deal with people of different cultural background.

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My guiding principles

I believe hard work which is coupled with active participation in education. Education is quite enjoyable when the students actively participate in the process of learning. In this regard I like student focus education which UCDAVIS institution is well known for. In addition,  I am a good time manager. Towards this, I plan for all my activities to ensure that I do not get mixed  up. Time management is critical for good performance since it enforces the sense of discipline, and seriousness in a student.  I am a dedicated  and hard working student whose first priority is an academic work. During my learning at the DVC pleasant hill, I have made a great progress in personal development from greater insight I received from group theory and team building. I   have come to appreciate the aspect of globalization and technological advancement in learning. Global challenges couple with modernity call for joint efforts in solving problems. In this regard, team work is inevitable for the success of a person. Group work  is a very important tool in achieving  specific personal goals. I have learnt that different people with different skills when put  together to accomplish a given goal do a great work. To adequately understand teamwork and group dynamics, I have made sure that I learn from the practical aspect of teamwork..

I have always had a dream to pursue an economics course in UCDAVIS institution. This is because I was fast influenced by my uncle who used to praise the institution so much. Therefore, it remained in my mind that UCDAVIS institution is one of the best institution which offer holistic academic  which is not only competitive but also prepares one to adequately face the outside world. My desire to apply for economics major is a great decision which is informed by my love for economics. I believe that UCDAVIS institution is the best institution, which is best suited to offer good  academic preparation.It is prudent to state that I like sports, and basketball is one of my favorite sporting activities. Sporting activities rejuvenate my brain and makes me approach academics with an in-depth approach to issues.


A critical reflection of my academic work , coupled with the assessment of my strength and weakness,  I strongly feel that I am well suited to UCDAVIS institution. This is because apart from one mentioned above, my strength also include; good listening skills, good speaking skills as well as great organizational skills. All these skills have played a critical role in shaping my attitude toward life. In this regard, I believe that when one needs a good thing he or she must be ready to go for it. This is the reasons why I am applying for an opportunity for economic major in this great institution. I believe that the admission board will find it prudent, to admit me so that I can be part of UCDAVIS,  and also contribute to the community and the world at large. Economics is so important to me since I would like to use the economic concepts to change the life of the less fortunate in the society to the better.


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