Free «Letter of Gratitude for a Scholarship» Essay Sample

Dear Scholarship Donor,

My name is Ahmet and I am grateful to you for receiving a full-time scholarship to continue my studies. I owe a debt of gratitude to all the professors who have helped me to benefit from this important program. All my fellow students have also assisted me with everything and strongly supported me as an international student. Your generous support enables me to realize a lifelong dream of successfully completing my studies.

I am very happy that I have made the right decision to come to this university because I have opened its exceptional faculty, students, instructors and ambience. I am an international student from Turkey and I graduated from Radio, TV and Cinema Production. It is amazing that I have felt very comfortable during my studies and I have never experienced any form of resistance or discrimination. When I first applied for this program, I realized that its cost was too high for me and I worried a lot of about it, but, thanks God, you rescued me giving a full time scholarship. I am extremely glad that all my academic expenses are fully covered and I can ensure you that I do not take it for granted because I know that there are many students who are not so lucky.

This scholarship is a source of new hope and strength for me and I promise to work extra hard at my new university. I have a passionate desire not only to do my best at school, but also in life. I will strive to do everything possible to be worthy of your generous offer. Without any doubt, I plan to reward the university and make my achievements useful for the society in future. I want establish a scholarship foundation to help students from economically disadvantaged families to realize their dreams of receiving education. Thank you once more for your great support.


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