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MY personality assessment coined me a ISTP. Very accurate when reading the description, it just makes me wonder what my assessment would have been moments before I found out I was going to have a kid.

The “I” stands for Introvert. Introverts tend to keep to themselves, are very passive, and neither do they need much of social interaction or feel the need to “fit in” with any crowds or groups. Although my job requires a lot of social interaction (poker dealing), I would prefer to work alone, either doing IT work or deal with a set of tasks and a deadline to meet. I feel being an introvert hinders me a little bit because I know I have missed many opportunities in life such as meeting great people. In school, it affects me because I hesitate to do group work or activities, feeling it would be easier work on my own. Other than that, I feel pretty content as an introvert because I understand that self-realization of it can be very beneficial.

The “S” stands for Sensing. Actually, this category was the closest to me in the assessment and I feel that being even between the two was a VERY accurate depiction of my personality, but since this is what was slightly dominating it is what I will write about. The Sensing group, as the name describes, uses the 5 senses to make their decisions or come to their conclusions about things or ideas. The group is very detail oriented, and very practical. Using logic vs. intuition probably describes me the best. I think being a math and science “geek”, growing up has a lot to do with this as my assessment. I believe this trait is perfect for me as a poker dealer and with an aim of becoming a high level computer technician because both jobs are very cut and dry, with no guess work and surprises. Pertaining my social life, I think I would have to stray away from it a little when dealing with my child as I think (may not be right) that with children its easier for them to comprehend what they are feeling vs. what they see or can touch, because the feelings have been with them for longer than whatever new sensory thing they are experiencing.

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The “T” stands for Thinking. Of all the letters, this was the “landslide” of the assessment. It implies the straight to the point, very concise type of person that likes to get things done before thinking of the next. The individual is very factual and makes decisions based on the facts acquired, another trait that spawned from being that of math and science geek of the past. I think this trait sums me up very well. I am not a “sugar coater”, and believe the “cold hard” truth is the best option in most situations. I have been perceived as cold hearted by some but truly believe that success comes from a very straight forward business mentality. This would be the hardest for me to conform from, or even give a little to the “feeling” side. Additionally, it can be a difficult to deal with smaller children with such thinking personality type hence I may be forced into conformity more than I would normally be comfortable with.

Finally, the “P” stands for Perceiving. The perceiving group seem to be the more “outside the box” type. They are very open to new ideas and customs and maybe even try food or places with no fear of exploring the new. This, I feel describes me quite well. I tend to get so much involved with the tasks that I do till I lose my sense of time, which is not bad for the task I was doing, but for additional tasks that I had planned because they get pushed back if not totally forgotten. Closure seems less important than making sure everything done or said, was correct and precise. I think this trait deals with personal life more than work because of how cut and dry my job is. School, on the other hand, can greatly be affected by this because it is the way I handle organizing my time for all my classes. I do realize the “drifting” feeing that the P group can get, so I need to find that balance and focus on the day or week as a whole, instead of going one task at a time. Maybe having weekly or monthly checklists would help me see important things that can get overseen through the hectic school schedule.

Overall, I enjoyed doing this assessment because I learned a lot about myself and started to get a better understanding of why I do certain things or think certain ways. Nothing really caught me off guard but it really helped me understand the other side of things, and learn that I need to find that balance in certain areas in order to really be the best person possible and as successful as possible. Although I feel comfortable with who I am, the assessment has made me understand that there are areas that do need some shaping.


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