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Miami is considered as a top tier city because of the range of things you can do when there. The city also has diversity that rivals some of the best sea front cities in the world. It is home to numerous ethnicities including Hispanics, African Americans, Europeans, and Whites together with a myriad of other groupings. Now why take the opportunity to have a vacation in the city, you ask? Well the answer is obvious. Many things are just open to be taken advantage of in Miami. One of these is the beach, which happens to be the number one attraction in the area. There is also the tropical weather that gives you the feelings of you are in an island paradise. The reasoning as to why I want to visit Miami must be put into perspective. To put together all aspects of why I want to visit Miami, I set out to do a thorough research and wrote the following report.

Property and Tax advantages

People also cannot be wrong because Miami happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This being said, the city has taken care of its leveraged position by developing world-class shopping malls and eateries that serve almost every cuisine you could think of to satisfy every dining whim possible in the market. This is the second argument in favor of the venue. The city is organized in such a way that continues to attract tourists and clients to do business. This places an environment of service to the customer and visitor, who in this case would be you.

Here, is the part that should sell you the idea, at least partially. If you think that no one would afford the amenities in the city with an average salary, you are wrong. In fact, the living cost in Miami is lower than it is in any other city because it runs of lower factors of tax making it have the lowest taxable composite in the United States. For example, there is hardly any form of taxable income in Miami, and there happens to be no local income tax.

Consequently, a vacation in the vicinity would cost considerably less than you had first imagined. The exemptions on tax are sure to make your stay in the city as comfortable and memorable as possible. However, statistics also beg the question whether it would not only be a good idea to have a vacation in the area compared to moving to the vicinity. That suggestion is for a later discussion though connected to this argument; there are cheaper homes, lower cost of insurance as well as property tax (Daily News 4).

Reasons Residents Love Miami

Miami has a lot of attractive sites and for this reason, many tourists have elected to go out and look for Miami Real estate. While you may think the city is heaven on earth, though, it is an odd phenomenon that residents of the city do not think so. They are quick to bash the city metaphorically. They will not listen to a non-resident do the same. On the other hand, this shows signs of a people so spoiled by their city. They instinctively know they have it good, but like to rant because they can. Residents fondly refer as some of the reasons their city of choice is better than anywhere else is to a complied list.

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Some of the points on the list are liberal. They offer a significant amount of freedom to the visitor. For one, Miamians are described on the list as helpful and involved, no real resident is snobby and this theme of hospitality comes from the ideal that no one is truly from Miami: everyone migrated into the area at one time or another.

Some of the other points include quite favorable weather. For instance dressing for cold would entail wearing a hooded sweater that is about it. There is almost zero racism reported, which gives the impression of a highly accepting society. In fact, the state allows for topless sunbathing and not only is it legal, but it is not a big issue with residents (Munzenrieder 4). That for some may be too much on the liberal side, but it drives the point of non-conservative home. Some would even go as far as saying that the Cuban food made in the area, is even more authentic than the real thing made in Cuba. We might not have the time or reason to dispute, but the fact is there are quite a lot of immigrants; most of which came with their home cuisines to diversify the pot.

Places To Go and Eat

In some ideal choice eateries, people can treat themselves to Florida Cuisine. Joe Stone’s Crab restaurant is a top tier eatery for calamari. Rich Americans and celebrities usually frequent it. The best dishes to try out include the jumbo crab, prawn and the key lime pie. If you have a taste for spice, you can try Cuban food at Miami’s little Havana. Here you can enjoy an assortment of Cuban cuisine coupled with some of the best freshly squeezed juice.

Apart from food, you can engage your spirit of adventure and go canoeing in the everglades. These swamps represent Florida’s outback, which are best-explored using canoes. This offers an up-close encounter with the inhabitants of the area. The wildlife of the region varies from alligators to raccoons and Florida panthers, yes panthers.

Culture and Fashion

Miami happens to be the cultural center of Florida. Many of the world celebrities go to the city in December to experience the Art Basel. They also visit the new architectural masterpiece New World Symphony’s designed by Frank Gehry (Abravanel 4). The city has had a recent upsurge in fashion credo with a host of pop up stores and boutiques cropping up everywhere. This only serves to satisfy the wants of the young shopper. Similarly, if you are looking for residential furniture, a host of mid-century furniture stores has opened up in the design district. This is probably a response to the scram for real estate by tourists.

Not surprisingly, most of the potential buyers want to be close to the beach. The most sought after spot being South Beach that is very well known for the nightlife. However, mostly revelers and youthful couples would go for this option. In response, the development has gone to the north to reach the North Miami Beach (Flint 5). The prices are still good considering the area has quite rapidly become prime land. Here is where the argument for living in Miami comes in.

Currently, there are a good number of reasons to visit the area on a holiday or vacation. However, the previous points go to point out that the city does not only serve as a one-stop shop, but offers similar advantages for a long-term resident. Even the downtown parts of Miami have become residential. This is because it has been given the 24-hour life that it never had with the inclusion of daily stores and nightclubs. With such a melting pot of things what could be the disadvantage. On the other hand, the problem with most such mixes in culture is the crime bit.

Cities like this usually experience a huge amount of crime. This may be so for Miami, but the area has a capable police department that is on call 24 hours. Similarly, there is the presence of other agencies like the DEA for drugs and the ATF for arms trafficking that are nearby so the city is covered. Cities in such similar positions include Manhattan; however, the city has come up with a variety of ways to stem crime. The thing that separates Miami from the rest of the group is the hospitality though. In New York, one can literally die and it would not elicit notice for some time.


The area even has a magazine named after it, which is responsible for highlighting the dos and don’ts while in the city. The magazine welcomes over a hundred million visitors on an annual basis, and provides information on the best tours to go and such (Welcome Publishing Company 1). During a visit of the area, if you want to satisfy a craving for sophisticated art, you should pass by the Museum of Contemporary Art, and those with family trying to spend an afternoon away would visit the Metro zoo. In other words, there is simply nothing untenable in the city, practically nothing.

The city satisfies tastes of a fun loving variety while not forgetting the young family and offers them places to do their thing. It even has a section for the art connoisseurs. Every point screams that you cannot go wrong when choosing Miami and the tax exemptions just make it better because it gives access to a higher number of people to experience what they would be hard pressed in other states in the same America.


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