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Over the past few years, I have always had passion for Aviation Management. This is because I believe that working in the aviation industry is an enthralling experience. My major is aviation and I am applying for aviation management at the university of my choice, Purdue University. I am also pleased that the aviation industry presents opportunities that are suitable in serving others to meet the personal needs and lifestyle. Besides, Purdue University is amongst the renowned universities that offer numerous opportunities to aggressive students like me. At Purdue, I believe that I will be able to prosper in my field of interest. Another reason that compels me about Purdue University is that aviation management is divided into three major courses namely airport management, air traffic control, and airline management.

My principle drive to opt for airline management was because travelling and learning, concerning different cultures, is irresistible. I realize that I have plenty of future job opportunities in numerous areas which graduation from Purdue University may offer. Some are fleet management, global operations, airline scheduling, customers’ service, and monetary management among others. I have also had an opportunity to learn about Global Aviation Systems, which gave me a global overview of what aviation is. I have known some issues regarding the management and regulation of aviation in different countries, and its influence on their inner operations, which is even more important. Some of these things fascinate me because I believe that a country’s culture or political views, and affairs are all tied into the industry of my passion- aviation. As an international student, I have always loved exploring beautiful places and I like travelling too. Having several years of experience in various areas of the hotel industry is also another aspect that is of great importance in my career.

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I learnt about Purdue University many years back as my friend introduced me to the university and he told me about what they offer. I believe the university has professors with proper knowledge on aviation management. I also learnt about professor Brent D Bowen Ed.D and I believe that he will offer me a lot in my desired career. This professor will help me my future goals since I have a plan of doing more research on airport management and flight planning. Past study shows that airports are often linked to beehives because they are always very busy. As an aviation management student, I have also acquired knowledge on management principles that keep these active places, like airlines, running securely and efficiently. I believe that this university will prepare me acquire skills from hiring employees to meeting government security regulations that will ensure passenger luggage reach their destination safely.

I feel it is a privilege for me to be a member of the Purdue University team; it will help me, as well as other students, discover new knowledge, and satisfy clients all over the world in future. Purdue University is one of the leading universities that have produced excellent students in the aviation field. I suppose this has been achieved because its teachers are dedicated to deliver their students the deepest knowledge in various fields of interest. Apart from all said above, I always ensure that I spend my leisure time appropriately and I enjoy playing tennis, biking, researching on aviation issues, fly fishing, travelling, watching movies, and a bit of running.

Learning about other cultures is also a vital tool in the aviation industry and happening to spend a certain time in Japan; I gained some conversational Japanese language skills. This is likely helpful because I expect to meet people from diverse cultures. I love to travel and enjoy meeting and conversing with people all over the globe, as it will help me in learning about other cultures. I believe that if am given the opportunity to study at Purdue University, I will be able to help the company I work for find cost effective resourcing solution. I am eager to be able to give pilots and engineers new exhilarating work opportunities. To me Purdue University is the most beautiful place and that is where I would rather spend my valuable time learning.


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