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Why is almost everything in our nation going wrong? Look at our economy; it is deteriorating day after the other. Prices of the basic commodities are rising drastically. What about the electricity bills? The rates are going higher and higher. In America, we are outsourcing skilled labor. The firms we depend on are in trouble due to the many constrains that are arising; we citizens can still not afford living in good houses. Are we not experiencing effects of global warming? Have we seen the life expectancy decreasing? Why are the cancerous diseases very common today? The climatic condition is also changing and according to the meteorological reports if we don’t quickly act, get rid of complacency, be very keen on all the changes that we are experiencing and come up with ways of controlling our own lives then our nation is at risk. Data from Navy submarines warned there is a 75% possibility that, in half a decade time, the ice entire ice cap will completely disappear during the summer seasons.20 million ton of ice on the Greenland are melting every day in the New York city an equivalent amount of water is consumed per year (Al Gore, 2008).

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It is evident that we have a crisis. We all must take responsibility and participate in ensuring that we survive and up hold the level of human civilization. President Barack Obama in 2009 led the nation in ensuring economical survival of USA by funding loan guarantees to the solar manufacturers. Unless we move fast and exploit solar energy and other renewable energy, the situation will get worse. It is time to lead again in ensuring our country’s economic security. This can be achieved by use of solar energy to simulate our national economy by ensuring environmentally friendly practices to reduce the greenhouse emissions. Nearly half of the world’s solar panels are manufactured in China; however there are still local manufacturers in USA.

How will solar energy improve our economic standards? In business and homes it has been stated to save 50-85% on utility bills per year as a result of switching from using electricity to solar water heaters. It will also reduce annual costs per households by $530.00. Industrial energy is estimated to reduce by 1% which quite significant influence on the economy. It means that purchasing and installing the solar panels the nation would save 55,000,000nbarrels of oil annually and this translates to $1billion dollars (Solar Energy International, 2005).

For this reason, all Americans are being encouraged to install solar panels. If you live in California, New Jersey, and Florida the state will reward any home or business who will purchase the solar panels and install solar energy systems. The federal government also has offered $2,000.00 in tax credits in order to encourage our citizens to invest in solar energy system (Mann, 2006).

Since there are local solar panel manufacturers, by accepting to own our own source of energy by purchasing these solar panels we increase the labor force. There will be more jobs in our nation; this will be very significant to our economic growth which has been threatened by increased globalization and skilled labor outsourcing. The Americans will be able to retain their jobs and create job opportunities (American Solar Energy Society, 2006). It is for these reasons that I urge all of you to purchase your solar panel today. Own a solar panel and exploit freely available solar energy for your home and office use.


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