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The case of Patrick’s situation is quite worrying. Born of a substance abusing mother, he has had to live on the streets for sometime before he was rescued by social workers. The manner in which her foster mother has treated him, for instance, eating in front of the yearning Patrick, bringing him up in fear and intimidation is heart throbbing. Another emotion evident in this story is hatred. Anyone has to hate the way Margret treats Patrick and even the manner in which she behaves towards the evaluators who intervene in a bid to help the young boy.

The interaction between Patrick’s foster mother and his teachers is devastating. While the teachers are willing to do anything to nurture the boy into a better life, Margret is out to frustrate any of their pursuits. She does not cooperate at all even when suggestions are made to change the placement of Patrick to see whether his situation may improve. I recommend that in future Margret be forced to treat Patrick better and without any intimidation whilst nourishing him adequately. I would also recommend that the social workers take Patrick to a different caretaker if his current foster mother does not change her attitude towards him.

Patrick’s current conditions have had severe implications in his educational endeavor (Schutz & Pekrun, 2007). It has been difficult for him to learn in school and cooperate with both the teachers and other students due to his coexisting conditions. For example, Patrick appeared to be angry all time. Whenever his teachers corrected him, he would wail loudly and fight them. Secondly, he was always hungry and needed food more often. Anytime he came out of the school bus he had to be given some food. Finally, he was violent in nature provided Margret was not around. He would throw objects at other students in class. All these conditions had negative implications in his educational pursuit (Rice et al, 2007).


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