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I have always been exceptionally active in extracurricular activities since I was a child and the last three years have not been an exception. Joining college gave me a better opportunity to learn more ways of spending my leisure time as well as developing my skills. In addition, I have been able to impact positively to my college, neighborhood and society at large.

As a student with interests in doing business, I joined The Business and Economics club in the college. The club members meet every Friday evening to discuss various issues pertaining to the business world. We brainstorm potential business ideas, develop business plans and even help out fellows solve educational problems. We also liaise with the local business community where we visit their business premises to learn more about the industry. This club has also helped a number of members secure employment after completing school.

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I also like learning about different cultures of the world and last year I joined the Hong Kong and Chinese culture clubs. In addition to meeting people of different backgrounds, I have started Mandarin language classes. Over the summer season, the club held a Chinese cultural week and workshop and invited the Asian fraternity. The theme of the week was ‘‘Integration of Asian Culture in this country’’. I learnt how to make Asian foods and plan to open a Chinese restaurant in the future. One Asian company even promised to sponsor the club for a trip to China by the end of this year, and I was lucky to be chosen unanimously as its coordinator.

As part of my plan to give back to the society, involvement in community development activities has been one of my core works. I joined Hacitac at a time when they were helping people build their houses and fix gardens. We visited various homes, carrying out repairs and beautifying gardens in this town and the neighborhoods. Through this volunteer activity, we brought back the hopes of so many destitute families by easing their struggles on lack of shelter. Apart from that, I have also visited homes for the aged, children’s homes and rehabilitation centers. Together with my group, we have been offering material, moral and spiritual support to these disadvantaged groups.

I find time to relax myself after day’s activities by going for hikes, visiting national parks and game reserves with friends. Though I am not an expert swimmer, I enjoy visiting the beach where I interact with people in a harmonious and constructive way.


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