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Why I choose this college to pursue my engineer career

Without any doubt, everyone has a purpose in life, whether it is to become a nurse or an engineer. People want to contribute to the world and increase development of the life conditions. What is a key to the improvement of personal life? What helps the humans to direct their knowledge in the right way? Undoubtedly, it is education that plays significant role in human self-enlightening, and it is the key to success. Moreover, education in the engineering sciences can guarantee job satisfaction, career opportunities, intellectual development, prestige, and creative thinking. Furthermore, a good engineer always benefits to a society by inventing new means of cleaning the environment, constructing environmentally friendly transportation system and finding the renewable sources of energy. In this case, it is vital to choose the professional education center that can provide sufficient knowledge in getting the career of an engineer. The choice of continuation of engineering education in your college was not easily made. Before making the choice, I evaluated my personal traits, interests and values by asking serious questions if I really want to pursue my engineer career. Consequently, I have decided that only your college can provide an outstanding educational system, focusing on gathering relevant work experience and excellent facilities. Personally I have strong confidence that only in your education center I can gain expert knowledge in specialization Engineering. I strongly believe that scientific atmosphere at your college will provide a profound foundation for grounding a person with a title “Engineer”. Finally, I expect that in your college I can continue to develop my knowledge of engineering sciences, to exchange own experience with your students, to write scientific works and articles, to do researches on developing new technological methods and devices that will be helpful in the improvement of standards of life in the underdeveloped countries.  


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