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Without any doubt, in a modern world it is hard to imagine a person without a computer. The 21th century is generally characterized as the era of IT technology where computer plays a significant role. According to Longman dictionary, a computer is an electronic device that stores information and uses programs to help people find, organize, or change the information (Mayor, 2006). The importance of computer consists of its high functionality, mobility, portability and capability. It is needless to say that the above mentioned characteristics of a computer describe its simplicity.

First of all, computer simplifies human life due to its consolidation. Computer is a unique media device, which can act as a television, radio, web browser, cinema, book, telephone, digital storage device and a musical player. Furthermore, computer is undoubtedly vital gage in entertaining the people. It can be amplified by the fact that humans can easily download any program into their computers and enjoy playing different games. It is generally true that each type of media devices, such as magazines, newspapers, radio and television are working in accordance to the demands of their publishers or broadcast stations. It is obvious that production of mass media is under control of a certain person. This person is called as gate keeper, while he/she controls the duration of observing the information, its vitality and laconism. In this case people’s mind can be controllable, since he/ she cannot choose what kind of program or show will be broadcasted on television or radio. It is needless to say that a computer helps the recipients to make a choice if this information is interesting or not.

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Secondly, the simplicity of a computer in everyday life is determined by its portability. Undoubtedly, it is difficult for a person to carry out a heavy television from one room to another. Moreover, it is complicated for a person to move a stereo system into the garden where it is a party. It is evident that a computer is a light tool that operates as a qualitative entertainment system. Additionally, the technological revolution has caused a big division of types of computer. They are as following: Netbboks, tablets, iPad and laptops. They are smaller computer types and lighter for caring.

Thirdly, computer is multifunctional device. It can be explained by the usage of computer in each area of human life. It is generally true that computer is an integral part in business industry. Everybody can see computers in every shop, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets and offices. This tool helps to calculate the heavy bills or any type of big invoices within seconds. There is no need to wait in a long queue until the shop assistant calculates the bill. Moreover, computer plays a significant role in buying or selling products. One can easily reserve a room in the hotel, book a ticket or order dinner with the help of computer. In business a computer provides speed, security and reliability. Furthermore, computer is a vital tool in educational system. There are many online books, dictionaries, scientific articles education or online language courses that are very important in preparation of homework or expanding mental outlook. Additionally, computer is one of the main vital devices in communication. Students can use e-mail boxes, chat, Twitter, Skype and Facebook for communication with their friends all around the world. It is easier and faster to write an e-mail than to write a letter. Undoubtedly, computer is the fastest way to reach friends and have a good communication. Besides this, computer is a functional tool in medicine. One can go to the doctor’s office and be diagnosed within seconds, since computer gives the possibility to the doctor of viewing different parts of body: brain, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys etc. With the help of a computer, the patient can get quickly his/ her diagnosis without a need for analysis.

The least but not last point worth mentioning is importance of computer in daily life. It is needless to say that everybody uses microwave oven, washing machine and any other tools with software every day. In this situation a computer is an important device that is responsible for keeping life in habitual flow. Undoubtedly, computer is a convenient tool that facilitates people’s live. It can be explained by the fact that it is much easier to hit up the lunch using a microwave than wait until it is warmed up in the oven.

All in all, computer plays a vital role in everyday life. Modern world is characterized by the wide use of high-qualified technological means that make people’s life easier and more efficient. In this case computer is the most crucial device that organizes humans’ daily life, produces interactive communication, secures data retention, adjusts educational process and provides people with entertainment recourses. It is needless to say that computer is a convenient device that simplifies people’s life and makes it of full value.


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