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I can positively say that my life hero is Mother Teresa. This woman is definitely one of the brightest personalities in history. Her life is an example of humanity, kindness and generosity.  Because Mother Teresa helped people in spite of what kind of disease they had and what social class they belonged to, not asking them for money. Her kind heart was willing to help all suffering people around, and she did everything what was in her power could to achieve that.

Along with it, she was just an ordinary person, but her deeds made the whole world notice them for they were full of good intentions and spirit of kindness. Just as Shakespeare wrote long time ago:

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How far that little candle throws his beams!

So shines a good deed in a naughty world.

So are the deeds of Mother Teresa, which shine in history of our civilization. The light of her deeds has been spreading until now. It keeps on inspiring people and teaching them good.

 As for me, having Mother Teresa as my hero, I’m trying to make my deeds shine, because I believe that this light can warm people around and make their life brighter.

Explanations of the usage of the quote

In this essay I’ve illustrated the usage of a quote, picked from the works of Shakespeare. I have used this quote in my essay, because it helps readers to understand the significance of good deeds, in particular Mother Teresa’s deeds, in the history of humanity. Also with the help of the metaphors, taken from this quotation, I was able to describe my own feelings more colorfully and make the essay much easier for the reader to understand.


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