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Reading through the entire chapter on business, society and ethics, I have learned something very important. This is that individuals will always set a mark to attain and think they will be satisfied after achieving this. Unfortunately, the satisfaction is always short-lived and the individual thus begins a quest for a higher mark*. The reason that this is important is because it is not only true but also it states a fact of what happens in the life of each individual. There are several things that I have learned from the reading which are very important. These includes the role of self esteem in determining the success of the individual, that the emotional state of an individual determine his/her self esteem and success in life and lastly, that some people are too ideal which either leads them to failure or greatness.

The reading is also an eye opener to me. There are things that I thought were true but have realized they are not. These are things like one can use his self esteem through overrating it to individuals and get what he wants. Now I believe that using positive perception of an individual confidently may give one rewards. However, I expected from the reading that it would explain the difference between individual emotional state and self esteem, and determine if they have the same effects on the individual’s success and position in the society. This was not seen in the reading. I have also changed my mind on some issues such as material and non material satisfaction. I did not know that one could have both materialistic and non-materialistic satisfaction concurrently. However, I especially disliked the section about public self consciousness probably because it is so true. Except for this section, I liked the entire reading because it so true and hits the point of focus very clearly.


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