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Above all things, education is conceived to teach people to think intensively and critically. In this connection, I am disposed to agree with Dr. Martin Luther King. Taking King’s statement into consideration, it should be supposed that critical thinking involves two categories: intelligence and character. Both of the categories are disposed to be reciprocal and complementary to each other. To my way of thinking, critical thinking is the most valuable as well as the rarest gift a human possesses. To think critically means to question the assumptions in order to either eliminate any possible doubt or elucidate the genuine truth. In addition, it should be reckoned that critical thinking is applied in everyday situation when deciding on various aspects of our life.

As far as my life is concerned, I take the liberty to mention that critical thinking helps me to make the right decision. I deem it my duty to outline the case when I had to decide on various credit card and credit financing offers aiming to choose the most advantageous one. In a nutshell, after the scrupulous overhaul of a wide range of credit card and credit financial offers I paid my attention to four suggestions only: two from, one from and one from All things considered, I chose one from the Amazon’s two offers. The chosen option was the most convenient line of credit for making purchases online, as well as the less expensive one.

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Harder to quantify but still essential for the analysis were my reflections and estimations on how I was reaching the conclusions inferred from the reviewed offers. In view of the above, it should be urged that my decision was grounded on facts and logic. My purpose was to find both the cheapest offer and the most beneficial one. In the final analysis, the Amazon’s Store Card was recognized as the most advantageous 6-months financial offer, because, on the one hand, the credit obligation was enforced during 6-months only, and, on the other hand, the offer entitled me to buy promotional goods with no interest charges. In contrast with the above-mentioned proposal, other variants offered advantages only if constant or expensive purchases were about to occur. So, the choice made due to critical thinking was successful because it had truly satisfied all of my personal needs.

The favorability of my choice should be traced from the diligent application of critical thinking via gradual and consistent steps. At first, I made an attempt to state the problem as clearly and accurately as possible. At seconds, I endeavored to study all aspects of the problem in order to figure out what sorts of questions I was going to answer. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that I emphasized the most relevant issues that corresponded to the problem. At third, I analyzed, interpreted the information collected from the Internet sources - the web-stores. In addition, I managed to draw some reasonable inferences. At fourth, I applied my strategy and evaluated its consequences. In the final analysis, I was able to summarize that the strategy was correct and corresponded to my desires and purposes. It should be stated that my choice in favor of the Amazon’s offer integrated both intelligence and character.

As far as intelligence is concerned, it should be conceded that no prudent decision could be made without proper intellectual operations directed towards verification of assumptions and elimination of doubts. In this connection, it should be ascertained that I had lack of knowledge first. Step by step using the technique of critical thinking I managed to collect all necessary information in respect of the object. The desirable decision was found due to sufficient knowledge.

Besides, character should be deemed the undeniable component of critical thinking as well. Assuredly, it would require the strong character both to spend a large amount of time for critical thinking and to withstand the seduction to accede to an authoritative opinion. Also, it should be asserted that the strong character augments the intellect making it more focused on the target and devoid of unnecessary emotional influences.

When all things considered, it is possible to arrive at the conclusion that critical thinking is a very significant phenomenon connected with the functions of education.


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