Free «Is watching sports an activity that engenders community or something that inspires unnecessary hatred and competition among stranger» Essay Sample

  1. Watching sports should bring communities together as a unified factor. However, this is not the case because on many occasions watching sports has elicited hatred and competitions among different groups, sports have the power to bring warring communities to peace and even initiate friendship and corporation.
  2. The main terms I will focus on are community engendering, hatred, and competition in sports watching. I will thus analyze the other side of watching sports together, far from the occasional hard feelings from fans and fanatics.
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  4. In watching sports, people can share socio-cultural differences inherent in their teams and by extension their communities or countries. More often than not, the socio-cultural competitions among sport viewers have produced more enhanced efforts from the people who lose out in a particular sport to improve their performance in the next time.
  5. I will be writing for people who watch sports in a culturally and socially diverse setup to bring out the reasons why they watch sports and also find out their feelings at the end of the sport whether they have lost or won the game.
  6. Gau, Li-Shiue. Examining the Values Associated with Spectator Sports and the Relationships between the Values and Sport Spectator Behavior. New York: ProQuest, 2007. An insightful book published by ProQuest and which gives a view on how sports viewers respond to different incidences in sports

Sugden, John &Tomlinson, Alan. Watching the Olympics:Politics, Power and Representation London: Routledge,2012. This is a collection of scholarly views on the power of sports to bring unity between nations and also how sports can cause unnecessary competition.


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