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Under this Act, marijuana is categorized as a Schedule I drug because it has an elevated possibility for misuse. This implies that the insight is that individuals get into marijuana, then get enthusiastic and begins to control themselves. This indisputably occurs in a number of instances. However, it also occurs in the cases of alcoholic drugs though alcohol is lawful (The Sea Lion Psychiatrist, 2012).

Argument on Medical use of Marijuana

Marijuana might appear to produce significant therapeutic benefits for several Americans with illnesses such as glaucoma and cancer, but these gains have not been acknowledged on a nationwide level. Therapeutic use of marijuana has remained a solemn national argument. Legalization supporters should outline the consequences it has had on the lives of persons who have used the marijuana for therapeutic purposes in order to brawl the dispute that marijuana has no medicinal use

Marijuana has identified poisons and cancer-causing substances, which are kept in fat cells for lengthy periods. Scientific study links the use of marijuana to harmed respiratory systems and brain cells, reduced production of hormones in both sexes, sharp memory loss, weakened motor skills, and lower immune systems. Marijuana smoke has been directly connected to in-uteri fetal demise, stillbirth, infant death just after birth, and miscarriage, together with biological and behavioral anomalies of offspring. In addition, converse to reports about therapeutic usage of marijuana, there are no consistent scientific researches illustrating marijuana as an effectual drug for curing vomiting and nausea. Even though some researches demonstrate that pure THC, one of the popular substances in marijuana, has a number of effects in managing vomiting and nausea, this substance is accessible in a pharmaceutical tablet for use by the medicinal community.

Marijuana is less effectual as a remedy than current media reports point out. Based on the 1999 research carried out by the Institute of Medicine, the smoke of marijuana essentially damages the lungs, causes brain damage, and represses the immune system. While marijuana has always been publicized as an important medicine for nausea in chemotherapy patient, it is essentially less effectual than many other lawfully accessible anti-nausea drugs.

Influence on Economy

Individuals who consider marijuana that Marijuana will kindle the economy are wrong. All tax revenues will be neutralized by the outlay of the industry laws. Marijuana must meet specific quality standards. All plants that do not meet the standards are a misuse of funds in terms of land, water, workers, food, electricity, screening the plant for toxins, and the knowledge needed to check for definite standards, for example, THC concentration.

Those advocating for the legalizations marijuana have quoted taxation of drugs as a means for the government to regulate its use and augment its revenues. Nevertheless, statistics have revealed that drug legalizations do not augment its successful control or increase revenues in connection to social costs as established by the two lawful drugs tobacco and alcohol. For instance, in the US, the national outlays of attending to alcohol-related situation amounts to $200 Billions in comparison to alcohol-related revenues adding up about $15 Billions.

Health Effect

A number of studies demonstrate somber problems with schizoid psychosis due to smoking. Marijuana can act as a cancer-causing carcinogen and can damage DNA. Pot smoke has higher degrees of particular toxins as compared to tobacco, which is the reason why pot smokers have fast lung annihilation, with the effect on lungs from single joint equivalent to five cigarettes. In addition, it opens door for the germ that produces sarcoma. For expectant mothers, it can damage their unborn babies by weakening growth and also causing long-term neurobehavioral harms.

Causes Accidents

Regular usage is strongly linked to car crash damages and using marijuana increases the peril of lethal accidents. Quickly accumulating novel study indicates that the use marijuana is connected with augments in a number of serious physical and psychological problems. In the latest accident investigation, 8.6 percent had positive test for marijuana. That is almost four times the figure of drivers with alcohol concentration of 0.8 dl in blood. In a different study of gravely injured drivers confessed a Level-1 upset trauma center, over a quarter of the drivers had positive test for marijuana. In Washington, 12.7 percent of lethally injured drivers had positive test for marijuana.

It Has No Accepted Medical Use

Early antidrug regulations were implemented to control narcotics--opium along with its derivatives such as morphine and heroin. Marijuana, although not a tranquilizer, was described as such--together with cocaine. The connection stuck, and there is currently a huge bay in the American awareness between normal leisure drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, and the abnormal leisure drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Marijuana is normally connected with the latter class, which is the reason it can be persuasively depicted as a gateway drug.

Marijuana is commonly abused unlawful drug in the United States and across the globe. Those who hold up its corroboration, for therapeutic or for universal use, fail to distinguish that the utmost costs of marijuana are not linked to its ban; they are the outlays as a result from the use of marijuana itself. There is an ordinary fallacy that the standard costs of using marijuana are those connected to the illegal justice system. This is a bogus principle. Sevigny & Caulkins (2005) establish that the proportion of citizens in prison because of marijuana use is below one-half of one percent.

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It Is The Major Cause Of Substance Dependence

Marijuana is presently the primary source of substance dependence excluding alcohol in the United States. In 2008, the use of marijuana amounted to 4.5 million out of the 7 million citizens aged above 12 classified with reliance on or misuse of an illegal drug. This implies that around two thirds of the Americans enduring from some substance use disorders are enduring from marijuana misuse or dependence (Ptzevans, 2011).

If the United States were to authorize marijuana, the figure of marijuana smokers would augment. At present, there are about 15 million present marijuana smokers in comparison to about 15000 million users of alcohol and over 70 million users of tobacco. Even though the figure of marijuana smokers may not rapidly mount to the present numbers for tobacco and alcohol, if marijuana was permitted, the rise in users could be both big and fast with consequent increase in addiction.

The cost of legalizing marijuana might not simply be fiscal. New marijuana smokers may not be restricted to adults only if marijuana were legal, just as the policy on tobacco and alcohol do not stop the use by youths.

Mental and Physical Effects

Quickly accumulating novel study confirms that marijuana usage is linked to increase in a number of grave psychological and physical problems. Absence of communal understanding on this association is discouraging avoidance efforts and unfavorably affecting the youths as well as their families.

Before the governments step into the thought of having marijuana lawful is to hold the root cause why citizens smoke marijuana. This is a socio-cultural matter that we require to dig deep into it. Another thing is the emotional effects it brings to the individual based on how his social surroundings affects him. More on strengthening of conventional principles we tend to miss a chance in the process.

It Is Addictive

Marijuana is an addictive drug and one of the most abused unlawful substances in main cities across the globe (Hemparies, 2010). Legalizing the marijuana will just augment dependence by making it readily accessible to the smokers and tempting non-users to get into its use. This will in turn guide to abridged productivity and augmented social evil in the form of offense since drug lessen inhibitions. Education may also be exaggerated either through youths dropping out of schools or their performances being seriously exaggerated by marijuana usage. It will contribute to dangerous behaviors like trialing with alcohol and tobacco, other drugs and irresponsible engagement in hazardous sexual activities. Sustaining this addiction requires cash and students who do not have ready source of money results to dangerous conduct like theft or prostitution to get cash for basic needs and marijuana. The side effects comprise augmented AIDs prevalence, unplanned pregnancies, and an augment in the rate of abortion

Medical data in trauma wards have revealed that marijuana-smoking drivers cause the majority deaths and main injuries on the roads. Marijuana, like alcohol and tobacco, damages the judgment of the drivers and the ensuing effect is needless carriage. Blameless lives are lost just because a few individuals chose to take on in unlawful fetish.

On the other hand, there several people and associations who support legalization of marijuana. People supporting marijuana argue that the government must not be too hard on their daily need. This drug has both individual and community effects and the government must be lenient because marijuana has various benefits to individual consumers. Many claim that the government has no legal right to enforce laws against marijuana because it is just another plant, which grows around the world. Even though, activists claim that it harms people in one way or another, advocates for marijuana insists on consequences of the users. Some people take marijuana for their own social reasons while others are using it to benefit themselves.

Governments attempt to prevent the large community through unreliable laws that infringe the rights of freedom of consumption around the society. Advocates for marijuana argue that freedom that ought to be no longer exists because of these clashing rules on marijuana their social good. Many users have the culture of consuming the drug in a special way. They urge the government to consider their freedom of cultures and subcultures within the system and society. Users of this drug also argue that the laws discriminate many people-using races. Some people in the society are always left to consume the drug while other people are chased up and down in the name of implementing institutional laws. Racial discrimination is not a good practice because all citizens deserve equal rights and chances of being in the country. 

Advocate for marijuana claim that governments should just relax and allow the drug to be part of the consumption goods in the market because of various reasons. It is expensive to prohibit the drug because a greater percentage is consuming marijuana at varying levels. The government can get high revenues to finance their projects if they legalize marijuana. The economy would be vibrant because illegal money will be no more. Instead, the market for marijuana would become one that is appealing and fruitful because it is the best drug compared to others in the market. The government is already spending money trying to keep marijuana out of the boundaries yet they should be earning from dealers around the nation.

People supporting marijuana also perceive legal laws to be cruel for unnecessary reasons. Arrests are the only way of dealing with marijuana. The government is just using its resources trying to stop the consumption of this good and yet there are plans to prevent it at earlier moments. Convicting people consuming marijuana is one way of robbing many of their jobs and families. Relationships die because the government has branded marijuana a very bad product in the market. First time criminals are mixed up with hardened criminals a condition, which ensures that all of them stray from the normal way of life. The governments must develop programs that assist people to identify several effects deemed bad and then reclaim them softly without cruelty. Prisons and rehab centers are not that good for petty or first time offenders. Convicted people stop working in the economy and will no longer contribute towards the development of the nation.

Many users perceive that marijuana laws do not enable development of legitimate justice goals. Groups against the state can develop and bring about unnecessary losses to the economy. In such cases, the groups will require adequate control and this may seem expensive for the government. These groups can invest in winning many people and therefore leave the government stuck in the middle because such activities may even become political in nature. For example, American mafia developed due to alcohol laws that were very stringent to the society. Political contenders and activities can take this chance to play several games and outwit the ruling government. Marijuana laws create a background economy that benefits a few people.

Marijuana laws are difficult to be imposed across the whole nation because very many people are excited about this wonder drug in the world. Many people elude arrest and still move around using around the world. Health checks can be used to know that someone is really consuming if they are not found with it. Only low income earners succumb to arrests because of may be color differences and other social factors. Government laws tend to drive marijuana underground yet it should be preventing it at all costs. The laws must allow counselors to play a great role in preventing marijuana intake.


Besides all these positive attributes from advocate and supporters of marijuana, still the government must not allow its intake. When it comes to healthcare costs, people do not participate in the provision of healthcare services. Individual benefits are not beneficial to everyone in the nation. Laws must exist because marijuana effects are real and costly to prevent. Individual users do not look at long-term effects of the drug: they only perceive short-term effects that are coupled with excitements of being high and without emotions. The costs of living and sustaining dying people is not worth to any economy and so the government must implement all the laws necessary to drive out marijuana out of the country. Addicts alone cannot do contribution to the economy. Addicted people will always create their own cultures in the economy and they will at one time rebel the whole nation. In some cases, they may eventually lead to chaotic scenes within societies in the nation. Marijuana must not be legalized at all costs.


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