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A friend of mine, whose name is Dongwon Kim, made a profound impact on my life. I have known him for ages. We met when I was fourteen years old. We used to study at the same middle school in Korea. I could not but notice Dongwon Kim, because he looked different, not like other pupils. Despite being very energetic and gay, he knew exactly when to stop and become serious. My friend used to play football in the school corridors, but after bell rang he changed into the calm and brainy boy. Even today, I cannot understand how he does it. It seems that he consists of two different men.

The only thing about Dongwon Kim that does not change is love of cooking. When we were teenagers, we used to watch people sitting in the restaurants. They were eating the exquisite food and smiling. Together with my friend, we were trying to guess the ingredients or their number in the food. Therefore, after finishing the school, Dongwon Kim moved to Switzerland to study culinary arts. He was so happy that he had managed to enter the university in the foreign country. Frankly speaking, I never doubted my friend. I was sure that he would get everything that he wanted, because he is determined and intelligent.

Dongwon Kim graduated from the university in 2008. He used to say, ‘The only thing I love more than cooking is watching people enjoy the fruits of my labor.’ So, my friend opened his own restaurant that was called ‘EL LUCE.’ One could order there brunch, coffee, bread, pastry, etc. It was the happiest time of his life, as he thought. At that time, a fatal woman appeared in his life. She was like a hurricane that destroyed everything in its way. In spring 2009, they married. I remember that Dongwon Kim became nervous and silent. Their marriage did not last long – in winter 2010, they divorced. During that long year, he became a different person. He was more interested in his wife than in the restaurant. Their relationships were complicated and not easy for Dongwon Kim. The lack of attention to his job led to the difficulties with the restaurant. Frankly speaking, I think their divorce was for the best.

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After hard divorce, he decided to sell the restaurant ‘EL LUCE.’ It was not easy decision, but my friend decided to make a brand new start. That action characterizes Dongwon Kim as confident man, who is not afraid of changes. I admire the fact that my friend manages to take right decisions so quickly.

After selling the restaurant, he determined to restudy and deeper his baking/pastry skills. He started to study at ‘Le Cordon Bleu,’ Korea. Dongwon Kim improved his skills and knowledge there. He is so passionate when it comes to the food. He can talk about one recipe for hours.

In spring 2011, I chose to study culinary arts too. The impact of my friend on that decision was huge. I was literally ‘infected’ by his desire to cook. Dongwon Kim told me everything about all the difficulties and problems that could arise during the studying. He helped me prepare for the tests. I know that I can rely on him in the time of need. Dongwon Kim is like ‘a culinary godfather’ for me. Therefore, I started to prepare to enter Johnson & WalesUniversity.

Now I am majoring" Food Service Management". I am very happy that I chose this direction. Sometimes, I remember how we used to watch people eating in the restaurant when we were children. I suppose that I am exactly where I belong.

A friend of mine finished the two year course few months ago. Of course, he did not stay long without a work. He got a job at the Hyatt hotel, Korea. Dongwon Kim is so lucky to work there. This hotel is well-known and is a real paradise not only for clients but the employees as well. My friend told me that there was a variety of fine cuisines ranging from Japanese and Chinese to European. There are twelve restaurants and bars. I am absolutely sure that he deserves to work in place like that. One day I wish I worked together with him.

I am lucky to have such a wonderful friend while growing up. He is the one who is shown by my mother as an example to follow. Dongwon Kim’s strength and confidence have influenced my life. I understood that everything is possible, and we must not be afraid of changes. Everything depends on us. If you are good in something, you will be definitely noticed and you will reach your aim. Dongwon Kim managed to change my character. He is such man who influences everybody around.

A friend of mine plans to open one more restaurant in a while. He says that now he knows more about culinary art. He will use all the gained experience to surprise Korea and offer the best restaurant ever. I hope that, after graduating, I will work with him at least for a little while.

Dongwon Kim is only twenty seven years old. Despite being so young, he has done a lot and has reached much. He can be a very good example not only for me, but for all shy and not confident people.


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