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The paper is about three classes I attended on topics related to business studies as well as the processes one must follow when starting a business and when running it. Solutions to major problems facing people who are fully involved in business are also offered in the paper too.

The paper highlights on the three main learning areas that I gained during my study (David Card 1999). This includes both the ones gained during the three days study as well as those attained during class work. The paper clearly outlines the topics covered during that certain period. During the three I was able to collect the data that was taught each day. This data was collected through the use of several various. These include interviews, group discussions and also attending sessions where I used to write down some notes.

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This piece of work tests on how much a student was able to follow and grasp the material content of the topics discussed. The paper content is more of the summary of the study and research done during the three days period.

The interviews as well as the discussions made during the period explained more about the necessary steps that are required to be taken before one settles for a certain business plan. Also related topics on issues like risk management, Team building skills, networking (Swassing 1979).The paper also analyzes my understanding on the major points affecting a smooth running of a business enterprise (Barbe 1979).

The three days were a great turning point in my career choice as well as my personal development. I am now able to understand the importance entrepreneurship have in our day to day lives. It has helped many to earn a living as well as profits from their own business.

The essay also explains more on the importance that the discussions had on the career development of every student who attended the session. Te whole activity was more than a benefit to me. I was able to have a better understanding on the business tips .I also received necessary information that will help me in future either directly or indirectly. I also think that this information is very relevant and could help others if shared.


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