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The right for a woman to decide on whether or not to abort pregnancy is among the most questionable issues in the polls these days. Men and women who call themselves Pro-Life think that it is the government’s obligation to keep all life, irrespective of worries about the pregnant woman’s wellbeing, or for the level of quality of life of the child (Alters, 2006). The Pro-Choice advocates debate that women should have independence and choice with regards to what they desire to do with their own reproduction system, provided that the choice doesn't hurt other people (Alters, 2006). What side to take? Abortions should be undertaken only when they save a mother’s life; otherwise they amount to pure taking of a life and are inhuman.

Most of the disputes against the right for women to choose are religious motives opposed to the termination of life. The explanation why it is essential for a lady to choose is that the shortage of choice could contribute to social as well as medical difficulties for the mother, health complications for the baby, and a poor setting for the child to mature in. The right to choose is believed to be essential, since maintaining one's life can at times imply eliminating another (Beckwith, 2007). There are circumstances in which a mother’s body is not ready for having a baby or giving birth to a baby. Making them bear the pregnancy to term could end in the loss of life of the mother. This is frequently seen when teens unintentionally get pregnant (Farber, 2003).

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What if a teenaged girl’s physique is not adult enough to bear a child? For instance, the adolescent is a typical girl, who has good friends along with family and is engaged in high school projects. As a result of her size, age, and physical maturation, she is unable to bear a baby to term. In her state abortion is against the law. She dies giving birth to the baby. The passing away of a young person is always heartbreaking. The whole area is in grieving. The duty of the newborn falls on the family, who is, by now, experiencing difficulty dealing with the loss of their child. Years after, the grandparents will need to reveal it to their grandchild that his or her mommy committed a mistake by making love, and passed away consequently. A life might have been rescued by aborting another one.

On the flip side, every day a mind-boggling quantity of human beings’ lives are ended. The wrongdoer: undesirable maternity. Many women are (not willingly), conceiving because of unsafe sex, sexual assault, along with other issues (Farber, 2003). So what is one to try and do when they find out that they are expecting a baby? They have some options: (1) keep the child and bring it up (2) keep the child, then allow it for adoption (3) do an abortion. Regrettably, a lot of women select choice three, not really aware of what they are doing, as abortion can sometimes steal their ability to conceive forever (Beckwith, 2007).

The Pro Life sees abortion as killing since the medical doctor executing the abortion is using the role of God in the child’s life (Beckwith, 2007). The growing baby develops from the embryonic period to the fetal one by the end of the 8th week (Altars, 2006). It is clear and obvious that the fetus is without a doubt a human and not merely tissue drifting inside a woman. The throbbing heart implies the existence of a little human (Beckwith, 2007). All of this is enough proof of a murder. Similarly, the Pro Life ask, why should a woman be granted an alternative on whether or not to allow somebody an opportunity to experience life? In my view, nobody should maintain this type of power, that they on their own may decide whether or not to finish a life, particularly a life that is so little and harmless.

I believe that a comparable scenario is that of a serial killer, who takes the lives of innocent people, unknowing individuals. Individuals who have got no say in whether or not their life will continue. Serial killers, who have the potential to execute such actions, are punished to the highest degree, typically put to death or in prison for a lifetime. It doesn’t make sense to me how one can claim for a so-called “right” that may permit a woman to more or less exercise the identical act of murdering a harmless human creature (Beckwith, 2007). I consider that the pro-life Christian views on abortion are beneficial since a developing fetus is not able to explain how it feels about being murdered and can't speak out against its murderer. Thus, abortions are possible, but only for life preservation, not for life elimination.


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