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Traditionally the main training institution is family. Everything the child gets in the family it maintains throughout the rest of his life. The importance of the family as an institution of education because a child stays in it for most of his life, and the duration of its effect on personality cannot be compared to any other training institution. It lays the foundation of the child, and before entering school he is more than half-formed as a person. The family can act as both positive and negative factors of education. Positive impact on the child’s personality is that no one except closest to him in the family people – mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, do not love him or care about him so much. However, no other social institution can potentially cause so much damage in the education of children as a family can.

The first and definitely the most important thing I have borrowed from my parents is their way of thinking and perception of reality. Every new day, every issue we have ever had and all the news we have ever received had been met with a positive attitude, hoping for the best and an optimistic willingness to deal with problems or to celebrate each other’s success. My parents had never taught me despondency, apathy and fear of tomorrow and most likely I will keep positive way of thinking through the rest of my life.

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It is well known that children tend to marry people who remind them of their parents – women choose men who look like their fathers and men are usually attracted to spitting image of the ones who gave them life. Along with these similarities the idea of the relationship between parents will also be passed to the new family. I will bring to my family the demand of mutual respect and understanding and my belief about responsibilities of husband and wife in a healthy family.

As one family does on a daily bases, might be something other families never do, or, at least, do it differently because every family has its own habits and little traditions concerning routine. Things that we do and how we do them as adults, usually seems to be a subconscious repetition after the manner of life of our parents. From the real childhood families teach their kids in eating habits, attitude towards religion and God, the importance of some holidays and unimportance of other ones, cleanliness and even entertainment or spending free time. These are also the things that will determine my lifestyle and in many ways a lifestyle of my future family.

My parents always let me do my own mistakes if I do not want to listen to their advice. This has taught me to be ready for the things I might do wrong and for lessons my life has prepared for me. If I do not share their understanding of something, I can go and see myself and make conclusions. Their willingness to stop their sometimes purposely overprotective parenting in order for me to understand things in a way I will remember, taught me to think twice or even three times before taking actions, not to be frustrated if the expected does not happen and to be ready to be wrong from time to time.

Is it is good or bad that parents are responsible for things their children say? Anne Frank says in her book:

“How true Daddy’s words were when he said: all children must look after their own upbringing. Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”

Family is not what decides what kind of person you are going to be – there are too many other factors that form you as a person. Family teaches you everything it knows – good or bad – and lets you use this information if needed. It gives you tools and materials and it is up to you what will you built with it.


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