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1. The purpose of the essay was to persuade the parents of children who enjoy playing video games that video gaming should be restricted and controlled, while emphasizing understanding and common ground with those who do not think video gaming should be controlled. The essay aimed at persuading the audience of parents in the need to monitor children’s exposure to video gaming without presenting their side as the wrong one. The message behind the essay was: parents should take interest in the downsides of video games and take responsibility for their kids’ video gaming. Specifically, they should keep in mind not only positive but also negative effects of video games on their children and restrict children’s playing video games. In particular, limitations on the daily exposure to video games should be considered. Also, video games relevance to kids’ maturity should be taken into account when deciding on whether to allow playing a certain kind of video games. By this essay, I hoped to persuade parents to take video gaming experience of their children under control. In particular, I hoped to reach the parents who are either unconcerned about the issue (i.e. prefer not to focus on harmful effects of video games on kids) or fearful to confront their kids (i.e. do not have enough background or moral power to exert control). I hope the reader who has been generally opposed to the idea of video games as a harmful experience will form an objective opinion about the impact of video gaming and take the gaming experience of his/her children under control, in the name of the higher purpose – these children’s health.

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2. I have learnt from completing this assignment that in order to persuade someone I should not thrust my arguments at him or her, but act in a psychologically wise manner. Specifically, it is important to attempt to sincerely understand the opponent and show this understanding to him or her. By establishing trust, it will then be easier to convey my message to the opposite side. Again, this should not be done in an aggressive and narrow-minded manner. I should present my argument softly and by appealing to some higher purpose. Finally, I realized that it is important to come to consensus by reaching a compromise in the end. Of course, I experienced a new understanding of the topic. A passionate opponent of video gaming, I came to realize that playing video games is an important part of kids’ entertainment and you just cannot take it out of their lives by banning. Thus, my perspective changed since I now realize that a complete ban will be no wise decision, but there should be a compromise in this issue.

3. It was difficult to shape my arguments and persuasion in a manner that would not hurt the feelings of the opposite side. In other words, it was difficult to form STRONG arguments out of WEAK, in accordance with the instructions. Also, the conclusion was the most difficult when I had to present my vision of the common ground, since I had to retain my view of the issue and offer a compromise at once.

4. I enjoyed seeing how a psychological approach can work to make writing effective. I also enjoyed the very idea of the Rogerian argument and Rogerian essay as the one that does not seek to win over the opponent, but promotes a win-win understanding. I find this approach helpful not just in writing but in every day discussions and debates.

5. I chose this topic because I am concerned about the harmful effects of video games on kids today. My cousin spends a lot of time playing and he is clearly addicted to this activity. He has developed obesity and rarely goes for a walk. Besides, he often fails to do his homework for school. Also, the unrestricted access to video gaming causes him to play games that are inappropriate for his age. He may even have nightmares after bloody battles!

6. I enjoyed the assignment and find the experience very useful. Thank you!


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