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A deed is something that is done, performed or accomplished. As such, a good deed may be referred to as a selfless act of doing something good to another person without a reward or expectation that the individual will return the favor. Many people do good deeds for various reasons. Thinking about how much one receives by volunteering to help another individual begs the question: does the individual do that to keep busy, repay a dept or just for fun? No matter the reasons, it is essential to help others through our deeds. The performance of a good deed should not be based on the expectation that it will be returned. The best way to carry out an act of accomplishment without a reward is by volunteering, recycling and donating where necessary.

To volunteer refers to the act that renders aid, performs a service or assumes an obligation out of an individuals own free will. Volunteering at different events is a great way of meeting new people and giving back to the society. For instance, October is the designated month for breast cancer awareness. There are lots of walks meant for individuals with the aim of contributing and raising funds to cater for this disease. All the information concerning this event can be traced via the internet. There are several forms availed to the public. To participate, an individual is expected to fill the form as required. On the event’s material day, a volunteer is presented with a free t-shirt together with a ribbon. The responsibilities assigned to the volunteers include: Providing water to the walk participants, providing directions to the participants, ensuring that the program of the day is followed correctly, offer first aid to the participants who may get injured in the course of the walk and sending the participants to their changing areas. By volunteering, one gets the feeling of satisfaction. It boosts the moral and self-esteem of an individual when he or she offers assistance to another person. The manner in which a volunteer is thanked also means a lot to that volunteer. A mere ‘thank you’ brings a lot of changes to the personality of an individual.

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Another example of volunteer work is providing assistance in a nursing home. Elderly people are sometimes forgotten by their family members. In some cases, they even lack any family of their own. The responsibility of taking care of the elders is placed in the hands of the young and energetic individuals. Through good deeds, one can bring joy and happiness to an elder’s life. This ensures harmonious living in the society and the blessings that are associated with such help are immense. The society’s values and traditions may be enhanced through volunteer work. Furthermore, a volunteer learns a lot in the process of offering help. For instance, virtues such as patience, love of a neighbor, hard work, tolerance, humility and provision of services to others are gained.

Recycling referrers to the act of processing used materials into new products to prevent the wasting of potentially useful materials and causing harm to the environment. Recycling reveals an individuals responsibility and care for his or her environment and the greater world in general. Taking good care of the environment may entail putting recycle containers at work or home. No matter the place an individual works or lives, the environment around them should be kept clean. This may require dust containers or plastic bags for collection of dirt. When the containers are full, they should be taken to the nearest recycle center. My peers at work have been doing this for a couple of years now and it is very rewarding. They have been recycling a lot of things including their food. Another recycling idea involves the re-use of materials. For example, a good pair of old jeans can be turned into a nice purse.

Donating relates to the act of giving funds or any form of material to others, either individuals or groups. Donations may include: tangible things such as food, clothing or money. Donations may be given all through the year. Especially during Christmas, my family visits orphanages and homeless centers. Here, we give away all the clothes that we no longer need. In addition, my mom makes sure that we take some canned food. The second example of donation is blood donation. Personally, I do this when the blood bank vans are stationed next to my place of work or when at Southwestern College. The knowledge that one has saved a life through blood donation is fulfilling. All this require that one be healthy.

The third example is the donation of money. Whenever I get the chance, even at the grocery stores, I offer my funds as donation. In most cases, shopping centres place donation kitty to cater for this volunteer act. It does not matter what type of donation one offers. The main idea is to offer with one heart and willingly. All in all, volunteering, recycling, and donation are the best ways to perform a good deed. These three examples that I chose have something in common as they are all acts of selfless behavior and with no reward expected other than a simple “thank you”. The undertaking of volunteer work and performance of god deeds boost the relationships that exist in the society.


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