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Internet was formulated as a means of easing communication among people. From its humble text beginning, it evolved to having images and sound thus the modern internet user enjoys text, sound and images which further enrich the communication modes.

Today’s life is cut throat competition; people have to get the extra edge to meet even the basic needs. Communication which informs education too has been pulled into this sorry state of affairs. What was initially a portal of accessible and free source of knowledge has evolved into a first come, first serve-with money. If one lacks the required amounts then he loses out on enriching his mind.

There are arguments that those who provide these information online need to fend for themselves thus the charges. Despite the charging of online content, there are no regulations as to the modes of charging; everyone charges as they see fit. The commercialization of this learning environment has also bred crime, cyber crime. Further advertising has kicked in a high gear as every site on opening has lined up adverts on various products such that a surfer may be tempted to spend on the products/services advertised.

It is becoming expensive to obtain quality work over the internet without paying for it; this is in addition to the surfing charges. The option of placing ceilings on charges can be looked at. The quality of the web as a learning tool can be investigated to ascertain whether charging for knowledge has a negative impact on the consumers.


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