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“Hide and Seek” is an American film that came on air in 2005. It was starred by Robert De Niro, Famke Janssen and Dakota Fanning. In this film, Robert De Niro is posed as David Callaway, who is also the film’s star and the father of 9 year old Emily (Dakota Fanning). David opts to move to upstate after his wife committed suicide in order to liberate his traumatized daughter from the grief. The film’s characters display traits which are typical reflection of dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Emily depicts a regular effect of trauma after having witnessed her mother commit suicide in the bathtub. As such, she tries to find the hidden Charlie. This is a kind of “Hide and Seek” game. That is, Emily is caught in the verge of looking for some one to fulfill her lost warm and loving relationship. As a matter of fact, Charlie appears to be David who does not reciprocate by loving her daughter. Emily shows another side of her personality when she intentionally cuts Amy’s doll. This is a repetitive physical trait often displayed by DID sufferers. I expected her to take advantage of her father’s move to get her a companion and work on the friendship as a means of eliminating trauma.

The other common aspect among DID revealed in the “Hide and Seek” film is the David Callaway’s personality. Although David is the only close relative that Emily remained with after her wife passed on, he is unable to offer her the intended fresh beginning. In fact, he gets unease when he learns that Emily has a secret friend; Charlie. Ironically, he decides to hook up with Elizabeth through whom we get to know that he is a murderer.

In another incident David reacted emotionally abusive to the neighbors who had supposed Emily was their daughter who had died of cancer. This neighbor’s wife letter later reported to David the hostility she experienced as a result of the death of their daughter. In my view the neighbor’s husband was a victim of sexual personality. This made her avenge of the wife as though she had failed to cure her daughter of cancer.

In summery “Hide and Seek” is a film that is enveloped in a psychological disorder known as dissociative identity disorder. The film utilizes the characters as a means to communicate the multiple common effects of DID as displayed by those who have undergo severe trauma at different times of their lives.


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