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Self exposition and self control is fundamental for the best interpersonal relation and group communication. At first one should get know how about himself, the questions should be answered by him that where he stand, what he possess and how can he would be influential to others. Knowing the self is about to have grip on the personal knack as well as its adequate management. It will eventually transform a person to a powerful personality who then can do anything with confidence and command.

Personality building measures:

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Personality cannot be build at once it needs years and years of efforts. At the same time it is not only about the efforts but also the measures taken for personality bulging matters a lot. Finding yourself is not harder if it is commenced on the right path. The path can start from yourself, but, actually you have to find yourself first rather then someone else tell you that it is you are. Self talking is best way to get better know how about yourself and same like this writing about you by yourself is another way to get known about yourself. Externally, the associates and friends help you to tell you about yourself. The only thing is you have to collect this feedback and use it as a measure to build your personality in a right way (Harrill).

Business and professional environment:

Interpersonal relation and communication at business and professional environment counts a lot. It is better to have a smooth and realistic personal behavior to adjust in the very biased environment like business and professional environment.

In any position at any level you have to be confident and well behaved without expecting from others. And this cannot be done without a balanced personality which is impossible without knowing the self and efforts of years.


For the better presentation and a brighter impression you cannot be super nice every time. But, you have to maintain your personality to be the better one and the best. This is only possible if you know yourself and have best command on your emotions, actions and reaction. Its all about knowing yourself!!


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