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It is a paper addressing the case of sovereignty breach against Iraq by the Unites States of America in the context of the United States invasions on Iraq with no regard for International Law that provides for the sovereignty and respect of an independent country by all the rest. This will be followed by exploration of the Turkish interference into Northern Iraq to terminate the Kurdish rebels and terrorist without the official approval of Iraq.

Towards the end, the Iranian intervention in Iraq while supporting the Shiite government and ant-Western Shiite militias will be discussed and finally a conclusion will be made as to the contribution of each of the cases highlighted here to the ultimate breach of the sovereignty of Iraq as an independent state. The United States Illegitimate Invasion of Iraq, Without facts or law to justify their action, the United States launched a military attack on Iraq on March 20 2003 following numerous threats from George Bush, the then President of the United States, that they would attack Iraq.

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Moreover, the interference of Iraq's sovereignty by the Kurdistan and the Turkish attacks against Kurdistan militias in Iraq without Iraq's authorization are also considered as they all happened as a consequence of the United States invasion on Iraq. In particular, the illegitimate United States invasion on Iraq will be reviewed first while the declaration of the independence of Kurdistan as an independent state within Iraq and its effects on the sovereignty of the country are discussed second.

Following the attacks on Iraq, millions of civilians and civil rights lobbyists all around the world held demonstrations against the move. In spite of the legal fact that a country invading another implicates the most fundamental element of the United Nations Charter and International Law, the US went ahead and invaded Iraq without the required approval of the United Nations Security Council; hence, the UN Charter, which is, according to (Segell 229) the foundation of modern International Law, was violated.

Another important fact of consideration in this development is the phenomenon that the president himself and his senior cabinet members said on more than one occasion that the United States government was ready to invades Iraq regardless of whether or not the United Nations Security Council approved the attack. This happened amid the well-known UN Charter prohibitions against attack threats, cold war and the use of force by a country against another.

Despite the strict convergence of international legal provisions opposing the attack of Iraq on the valid grounds of International Law, or at least to invoke the global law as a standard of analysis to determine whether the invasion was justified or not, President Bush was not held accountable to the provisions of the rule of law in this illegitimate conduct of foreign policy.


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